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Thursday Morning Brews (6/18/15)

All the usual potpourri, with a little added salt.

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Pitt QB Chad Voytik, on his way to a 13-yard rush TD against Duke
Pitt QB Chad Voytik, on his way to a 13-yard rush TD against Duke
Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Hitting the Links Is Getting Salty

Urban Meyer Runs His Own Satellite Camp | The 'Solutions'

There's a reason why certain programs who go for two- and three-star athletes succeed, and other ones don't. Urban Meyer taps into that point as he talks about finding 'solutions,' as he calls them - the guys who work hard and don't squander their opportunities. It's a great lesson to establish for walk-ons and blue-chippers alike, and it's also what Jim Harbaugh is going for as he signs both four-stars and two-stars to Michigan.

Josh Metellus, Wolverine | Ben Bredeson, Wolverine

At the risk of sounding repetitive, once again I like what Jim Harbaugh's latest two-star brings to the table. Why is he a two-star? Well, he's not as tall as his listed 6'0" and 187 pounds, and he needs to get in the weight room and bulk up. As Magnus says, he has to "bring everything he has" on every tackle, which gives him a small margin for error.

But Josh is also comfortable in space, seeks out those one-on-one matchups, and goes at them with a physical, mano a mano energy. He shows a knack for disruptive plays, making several nice grabs on intercepted balls and knocking the stuffing out of guys as soon as they catch it. His quickness and balance are plus. At about 3:30 of his highlights, he goes from flying in one direction to flying in the opposite direction in about a second flat.

The Story Of Jamel Dean

Dean spoke out for the first time after being declared unable to play - mysteriously - by Ohio State's medical staff. After the doctors did not clear Dean, he sought a second opinion from Dr. James Andrews, the most famous doctor in sports. Andrews said he was fine. Auburn, and several other schools, also said he was fine.

This story probably should have gotten more air time than it did, but this has been a normal occurrence for many years, and is just now starting to get attention. One of the several problems with this, also, is that doctors are being told what to do by football coaches, which is the same thing that Simon Cvijanovic claimed earlier in the off-season with Illinois.

This is also relevant to what cropped up with Michigan last year in Concussion-Gate, though that was related to incompetence more than anything else. Regardless, medical staff has to be clearly accountable to something, and yet very much independent of football coaches and their decisions.

Proposal For Early Signing Period Tabled Until 2016

This issue is tied up with satellite camps, grayshirting, and oversigning.

Michigan Back In The Transfer Market?

Jhonny Williams, who hails from Michigan, might be remembered by fans for getting an offer from Michigan immediately after Da'Shawn Hand committed to Alabama. He was a three-star out of high school.

Dennis Dodd's Hot Seat Rankings

This takes an off-season cliche (speculating on coaches being fired) and makes it both more entertaining and more legitimate. Dodd ranks every coach in the country on a scale from 0-5, with 0 being untouchable and 5 being very much on the hot seat. Also, the attached video at the top is pretty interesting and actually worth a look.

Antonio Allen Arrested On Drug Charges

The athletic department released a statement yesterday that was one sentence long and not even punctuated: "Indiana Football has dismissed junior defensive back Antonio Allen from the program effective immediately."

Allen is the third, but most serious, arrest for the football program to handle this off-season. Bigger things were expected from Allen, who was a veteran on the team and a former four-star athlete. Allen will be remembered as a frustrating talent, who struggled with changing direction and handling good athletes in space. Unfortunately, he broke bad off the field, as well.

Harbaughs: Opponents To Satellite Camps Are 'Against America'

Something something Deep South. I agree with the Harbaugh brothers.

Michigan's Most Exciting Player: Jabrill Peppers

This is a fact.

SB Nation's Pitt Preview | 'Will Be Built With Steel'

The second-leading returning wide receiver had 3 catches last year. Also, Narduzzi's emphasis on elite conditioning will play a role in Pitt's success this year. Pitt simply wore down late in games, and their physicality could do with a boost, too. Narduzzi and S&C coach Dave Andrews came in with ambitious plans to change that.

The second piece is slightly older, but also wonderfully well-written.

James Conner Highlights

I have to get around to making a list of my favorite running backs. Conner would definitely be on it, with his 6'2", 250-pound frame and physical style of play.

Marquel Dismuke Commits To Nebraska

A very good safety prospect out of California, Marquel is Mike Riley's best commitment to date.

Vernon Adams Has Yet To Join Oregon

Adams enjoyed his graduation ceremony last week, but he still has to finish up some odds and ends. Also, that's a heart-warming family photo.

Two ACC Darkhorse Teams | Everett Golson Settling In At FSU

One of Pitt's Big 3 was in the news this week, as Tyler Boyd was arrested for DUI. Boyd led the nation in overall percentage of his team's receiving yards, with over half of Pitt's passing yards last year. This season, Pat Narduzzi and Pitt open against Bo Pelini and Youngstown State.

Texas Offense Will Need Tight Ends

On an unrelated note, Texas officials just approved the sale of alcohol during football games, making them the third in the Big 12 to do so.

Utah's Best Position Group

Another issue Michigan will face is altitude; they'll have to be well-conditioned to handle playing in Salt Lake City.

Michigan State AD Mark Hollis Gets Recognition

It all starts at the top. Ohio State's Gene Smith has been excellent, as well.

11W Mailbag: OSU, Harbaugh, & The Meaning of Life

A lot of these are Buckeye questions, but a few are about Michigan.

Another Michigan Buckeye

This is a change in the rivalry, historically. Ohio State loathed recruiting Michigan players.

Duke vs. Pitt Highlights

This ended up as a 51-48 double overtime game and one of the ACC's best contests all year. James Conner had 100 yards in each half, while rival star wide receivers Jamison Crowder and Tyler Boyd combined for 305. The game was tied eight times.

Kansas's Best Seasons Ever

This list is a little underwhelming.

Steve Sarkisian's House For Sale

This is meant as a footnote to last week's headline of Brady Hoke putting his house up for sale. Sark's is several million dollars fancier.