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Tuesday Morning Brews (6/2/15)

Lots of administration headlines this week.

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Hitting the Links Is Bitter

Mark May v. Ohio State

The history between May and Ohio State is both long and entertaining. With May moving off of ESPN's College Football Final, Eleven Warriors looked back at the good times.

Phil Steele's Preseason All-America Team

A vote of confidence for Auburn's Duke Williams, as well as the young Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett.

Answering The Why's Of UAB Football Saga

If you're late to the saga and have a few questions, SB Nation has some answers.

SEC Will Crack Down On Transfers With Checkered Pasts

Mark Richt doesn't get enough credit - at least in Big Ten country - for running a classy and competitive program at UGA. Since Richt took over in 2001, the Bulldogs have had back-to-back non-10-win seasons only once.

Florida, Facilities Playing Catch-Up

When Will Muschamp left for Auburn, he made a small dig at Florida's facilities on his way out the (perhaps broken) door. In the immediate aftermath, which included AD Jeremy Foley saying he's "not into bells and whistles," an anonymous donor gave $12.5 million to Florida athletics and infrastructure is slowly being addressed.

(Meanwhile, in Ann Arbor, perfectly good sidewalk corners are getting replaced by perfectly newer sidewalk corners because we have the money to burn.)

The Titanic Two: SEC and B1G Money

The SEC is seeing a lot more money than it ever has, and they will probably be looking at satellite camps in California and especially Texas pretty soon.

More Attrition For Maryland: Marcus Leak | D'Andre Payne

The good news is that Maryland is adding a graduate transfer quarterback in Daxx Garman from Oklahoma State, who will compete with Caleb Rowe for the job. Rowe is recovering from an ACL injury, and missed the spring game.

Garman, meanwhile, put up comparable numbers for Oklahoma State to what C.J. Brown did last year for Maryland, and he has the same high-ceiling, low-floor game. Some of his deep throws look terrific, and some of the easy ones do not find their target. He's not the runner Brown was, but he might throw more interceptions, too (actually, that's likely - he had 13 touchdowns and 12 interceptions in 9 games last year). Whether it's consistency, ball security, or the fact that this is now his third major conference (he has been in the Big 12 and Pac-12), something is just a little bit off with Garman's game.

I had hoped the presence of Rowe would force Maryland's coaches to play with a more efficient, settled offense, and it seems like Maryland will need to be a little more pro-style anyway. But if Edsall and Mike Locksley are enamored with Garman's potential, I'm not convinced it will lead them to the promised land.

Don't Sleep On Braxton Miller In OSU QB Race

Right now, the lasting image of Braxton Miller remains his limping off against a Clemson defense that downright bullied him off the field. As a competitor, he will not want that to be his last memory as a Buckeye player.

Rebuilding The Offensive Line: A How-To Guide

The Big Ten's biggest strengths, for the last few seasons, has been its defensive line and running backs. But the offensive line, as well as the quarterback position, are starting to show up. Michigan will be trying to join Michigan State and OSU in the elite column, and Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Indiana are all great schools at churning out good offensive lines every year. The dregs, though (Illinois, Northwestern), are pretty bad.

Top 25 Reasons To Be Excited For 2015

All of last year's top five teams - Bama, Oregon, Florida State, Ohio State, and Baylor - have a quarterback competition and a proven, explosive offense. If there is a surprise candidate in the Heisman race, it's likely to come from here.

Mike Bobo Discusses Leaving Georgia

"Bobo is cautious, pragmatic, and successful. In theory, he's got a skill set that could be perfect for a head coaching position. CSU is getting aggressive in building infrastructure, and the addition of a steady captain makes sense." That was Bill Connelly in this year's CSU preview. The Rams are in the tough division of the Mountain West - where four of the six teams won 10 games last year - and that might force a slide from last year's peak under Jim McElwain.

SB Nation Penn State Preview

It's as simple as the offensive line. Will two new transfers, and a year of experience, offset the loss of their two best players? It worked for Michigan, but Penn State's situation is a little more precarious.

SB Nation Maryland Preview

A lot of the teams they play this year are ones that I'm expecting improvement out of - Indiana, West Virginia, Penn State, Michigan, and to a much smaller extent Wisconsin, Michigan State, and Rutgers. But as Bill Connelly states, this year is really about next year.

B1G Exploring More Early-Season Conference Games

This would open the door, especially, for OOC games with independents like Notre Dame, BYU, and Army.