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Tuesday Morning Brews (6/23/15)

Lots of stupidity this week.

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Hitting the Links Prefers The Film Room

Film Study: Joey Bosa | OSU: Double-Digit Favorites In Every Game

Is Joey Bosa the next Jadeveon Clowney? Not exactly, says Eleven Warriors, but that's to OSU's benefit.

Talking To Rashad Weaver | ...And Lloyd Carr

One of Jim's two-star commits, Weaver brings all the intangibles you need in a football player.

2017: Florida State vs. Alabama | Florida State Getting Bigger, Rangier

This is Alabama's fifth season opener in Atlanta since 2008. It's worth noting that while the entire South is rich in football talent, Georgia is particularly deep. For the 2016 cycle, Georgia has 26 composite blue-chips. Alabama has nine. Louisiana has 19. Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, North and South Carolina, and Mississippi combine for 26.

Nick Saban's blueprint has been pretty balanced so far, picking away talent in Texas, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, and the Midwest. Florida State pulls heavily from its own state, often getting two-thirds of its class from Florida high schools.

Drew Brees Gives Purdue $1,000,000

Brees has been the golden child of Purdue football. He has already made generous contributions before, and if Purdue is able to get another quarterback to an elite level, they'll have something concrete they can sell to recruits - even if two good players aren't exactly a long reputation.

Mike Riley Supports Satellite Camps | Kirk Ferentz Does Not

Earlier this month, Iowa actually did multiple satellite camps, in Missouri, Indiana, and Illinois. But, okay.

SI Calls Connor Cook A More Influential NFL Figure Than Jim Harbaugh


LSU Suspends Anthony Jennings, Three Others


Danny Etling to LSU

LSU has a poor track record and a problematic depth chart right now at quarterback, although their quarterbacks coach is a very successful one in Cam Cameron. In Cameron's first year, he oversaw Zach Mettenberger's most dominant season in 2013 (3,082 yards, 22-to-8 TD ratio). Before that, he oversaw Baltimore's offense for five seasons, coming in alongside Joe Flacco. Flacco became an immediate star, winning multiple road playoff games his rookie year, which had never been done.

Cameron was also the coordinator for San Diego from 2002-06, where he coordinated Drew Brees' rise to stardom. LaDainian Tomlinson played his second through sixth years in the league under Cameron, getting 58% of his career yardage under the current Tigers' OC. While you could argue Cameron had plenty of talent already on hand, there's no doubt he can coach a pro-style offense.

The problem is LSU has nursed a soft spot for athletes and tried to groom them as game managers. Call it the curse of JaMarcus Russell: since the big-armed quarterback left LSU in 2006, LSU's quarterbacks spent the next five years throwing 100 touchdowns to 55 interceptions (a good ratio) and an average of 183 passing yards per game. When LSU's quarterbacks have been average, LSU is dominant. However, except for one season by Mettenberger and Russell's 2006 campaign, LSU has swung between average and poor.

Caring Is Creepy 2016: Frank Darby

Iowa got so many commitments this weekend, I thought it was a prank. They got seven commits over the weekend and added three-quarters of their class (12 of 16) in the last two weeks.

Northwestern's Most Important: #7 Godwin Igwebuike

This was a good conversation about NU's safety position in 2015. Igwebuike stood out to me on film; he was often stuck close to the box, but he'll be able to slide to free safety with the departure of fourth-round pick Ibraheim Campbell. A very good player.

A Closer Look at Steele's All-SEC Offense

This mirrors some of what I've been saying at quarterback and receiver.

The NFL All-Two Stars

Realistically, recruiting services will be getting better over the next several years, honing their operations and finding more scouts and more information.

Purdue DE Arrested | Fulmer Cup Update

Purdue's first game is against Marshall, which was already a double-digit favorite.

FOX Sports CFB Draft: Round 1 | Round 2, Results

The very top of this list is littered with dominant D-linemen. On an unrelated note, hopefully Michigan's D-line can take a step forward this season and get more disruption out of Bryan Mone, Willie Henry, and the rest. That would mean a lot.

Diddy/UCLA Melodrama | 50 Cent Makes Fun Of Him