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MnB's 2015 NHL Draft Preview: Alex Kile

Alex Kile will get a shot at pro hockey, but will a team take him in this year's draft?

Bill Rapai - MGoBlog

Name: Alex Kile

Position: Wing

Team: Michigan

2014-15 Stats: 13-13--26,  36 Games Played.

Measurables: 6'0, 190 lbs

CSS Rankings: Not Ranked

The Rundown

The 2014-15 edition of the Michigan hockey team was loaded with talent. They had Dylan Larkin, Andrew Copp, Zach Hyman and a myriad of other skill forwards.

They also had Alex Kile, a player with more pure skill than any of them. Yep, you read that right.

Kile was a nightmare last season for opposing defenseman showcasing an array of 1-on-1 moves, none more impressive than his signature toe drag. After recording just six points as a freshman, it took Kile all of five games as a sophomore to eclipse that.

Although he was overshadowed playing on a line with Dylan Larkin and Zach Hyman, Alex Kile wasn't a product of his linemates. In fact, Michigan offensive output for the first quarter of the season was almost entirely driven by Kile on opportunities he created for himself.

Alex Kile has the tools to play at the next level. He has size, speed and of course those hands of gold.

NHL Draft Projection

This is a tough one to predict. If Alex Kile had his breakout season as a freshman instead of as a sophomore he would have been drafted, no question about that.

Now that's he's going to be a junior, being drafted is more uncertain because a team could just wait one year and sign him as a free agent.