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NHL Draft Preview: The Goalies

Hayden Lavigne has the physical tools NHL teams crave, but an up and down season could see him go undrafted again.

Name: Hayden Lavigne

Position: Goalie

Team: Waterloo - Bloomington (USHL)

2014-15 Stats: 34 GP, 3.08 GAA, .886 SV%.

Measurables: 6'3, 190 lbs

CSS Rankings: Not Ranked

The Rundown

Hayden Lavigne has had an up and down career so far. When he committed to Michigan, Lavigne was an OJHL Top Prospect playing for the Wellington Dukes. The Brampton, Ontario native had all of the physical tools the scouts dream of and ranked in at 15th among North American goaltenders at the midterm.

But things didn't do as planned to start.

His first season in the USHL was a disaster. The Tri-City Storm weren't a good team and Lavigne never got settled, posting an .895 SV% and a 3.83 GAA. He struggled to adjust to game speed, had trouble seeing through traffic and looked a second slow getting down. At the end of the year he was down to 25th in the CSS Rankings and Tri-City released him.

Lavigne would be picked up by Waterloo for a short stint that didn't fare much better before landing in Bloomington. Finally it started to come together and with the Thunder and he finished the year with a .904 SV% and a 2.48 GAA.

What makes Lavigne such an interesting prospect is how he moves with his size. When he's on his game Lavigne swallows the net; he challenges shooters at the top of the paint, positions himself well and looks every bit like the kind of goalie who can shoulder the workload for an entire season.

He'll be back in the USHL for another year before heading to Michigan in 2016.

NHL Draft Projection

A year ago Lavigne went into the draft with his stock trending down and wasn't selected. This year his stock isn't high but it's going up. He's starting to put it together and has all the makings of a Low Risk - High Reward pick that a team could make in the 7th round.

Name: Chad Catt

Position: Goalie

Team: Aberdeen Wings - Soo Eagles (NAHL)

Measurables: 5'10, 190 lbs

CSS Rankings: Not Ranked

The Roundown

Catt heads to Michigan after 3 solid years in the NAHL where he earned the reputation as a hard worker, but his height isn't what NHL teams are looking for and he isn't expected to be selected.