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Thursday Morning Brews (6/25/15)

More season previews, a quiet addition at Penn State, and a slow end to the week. Still, we're partying like it's 1999.

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Hitting the Links Loves Old-School Window Fans

Jalin Marshall's Rise To Starting H-Back

Dontre Wilson has his work cut out to take back the position from Marshall. Marshall was born with speed and balance, but it was his good decision-making and a love of contact that made him effective.

Pac-12 Discussing Improved Player Health Care

Simply, this is wonderful. There are a mountain of details to sort out, but this is a firm step in the right direction.

Former NFLer Jim Haslett Will Be A Consultant For Penn State

As this article states, Haslett is a nice addition that might take over the defensive coordinator position if Bob Shoop jumps ship next year.

Benjamin St-Juste, Wolverine | Devery Hamilton, Wolverine

In his first full recruiting cycle, Harbaugh has started to show us what he's looking for. At cornerback, you can usually throw rankings out the window - all of his recruits in the secondary have been two- or three-stars. On the offensive line, and at quarterback, Harbaugh has pulled in four and two blue-chips, respectively.

Jay Cutler, Elvis Grbac Praise Harbaugh

Ann Arbor has been turning into a Michigan branch of Hollywood, with rappers, famous quarterbacks, and national reporters all flying in and out. The city was already a unique blend of different styles, and it's still changing.

SB Nation's Louisville PreviewPlenty Other Impact Transfers In ACC

Devonte Fields was kicked off TCU's team last July after he pointed a gun at his girlfriend and threatened her. However, the assault charge stemming from that got dismissed upon the completion of a simple anger management course. Now, he'll have an opportunity at redemption.

SB Nation's Clemson Preview

Dabo Swinney is, already, fourth all-time in wins as Clemson's head coach, but he was originally an odd choice for interim head coach when Tommy Bowden stepped down in 2008. Swinney was an assistant head coach but not a coordinator, and he was selected in part because of his success in recruiting. In his first two weeks, Swinney fired his offensive coordinator, added the Tiger Walk to Clemson's pre-game traditions, invited the entire student body to a practice under the slogan "All In" (1,000 people showed up), and took his players to the Greenville Children's Hospital. He would end up as the first interim head coach in almost 30 years to post a winning record, and just the second to successfully have the "interim" tag removed and stay the next year.

Over the next couple years, Swinney brought in two unbelievably successful coordinators. First, he grabbed a high school coach in Chad Morris, who revolutionized the Clemson offense before leaving this off-season to take the head coaching job at SMU. The other was Brent Venables, an old pal of Bob Stoops who had spent 13 years at Oklahoma, and had to get recruited by Swinney to leave his comfort zone. After a rough start, Venables admitted he's thankful now for the move. Both assistants have revolutionized expectations on their side of the ball.

Now, Swinney has to replace one of those coordinators. The new co-offensive coordinators - Tony Elliott and Jeff Scott - are anonymous, internal promotions, and were once teammates at Clemson at the same position, wide receiver. According to Dabo, who's a former wide receiver and wide receiver coach himself, this is an opportunity to promote and keep a pair of talented assistants.

"These are two of the brightest young coaches in the business," Swinney said. "They have had a huge impact on our offense when it comes to the overall game plan, game day decisions, coaching their positions, and have also been big reasons for our recruiting success."

With the offense already established, Scott and Elliott will have to get the run game re-established, at least enough so that five-star QB Deshaun Watson can play-action to his all-star cast of receivers.

SB Nation's Virginia Tech Preview

There are questions about the whole offense, where every position seems to be growing up and taking some licks along the way. But the true challenge is the offensive line. Michael Brewer was sacked 30 times last year, and the running backs struggled to get to the next level. There are more than a few exciting skill players, but the line has to improve in a hurry if they want to beat Ohio State.

Third ACL Tear For Illinois This Off-Season

It's been a rough off-season for the Illini. They're also currently ranked 55th in 2016 recruiting, which is completely expected and understandable given the cloud that's surrounded Tim Beckman.

Smooth Sailing So Far For Kenny Hill

TCU has accepted some dubious transfers of their own, but Patterson has a good reputation built up, and he is approaching this the right way.

Changes Coming For Rutgers, But How Soon?

The stories haven't made the Brews, but there has been a lot of talking over the last year about much-needed facilities upgrades at Rutgers across a number of sports. The most inflammatory comments came from the women's basketball coach, C. Vivian Stringer:

"You know what I think would be great for Jersey basketball? Why don't we get a $50 million god darn arena? How's that? That's what I think would be real great. Because you try recruiting to this. Have you gone to the other facilities? ... Here's our problem. When our kids walk in other places, I'm embarrassed. ... You're thinking, 'That's pretty darn good,' because you know that people care and everybody wants to be cared for. ... We gotta do more than just talking. We gotta do something about this. NJIT, how much are they spending on a facility? Please.''

For the record, NJIT is planning a $100 million events center that will help it find a conference in Division-I that it can make a home. It's currently independent.

Rutgers Master Plan Details

This is made more great by the fact that On The Banks compares the released plans to what they had called for back in March.

Inside Khalid Kareem's Falling Away From Michigan State

Kareem, a former MSU commit who pledged to Alabama yesterday, praised Dantonio's honesty in the lead-up to his decision.

Most Improved Big Ten Team?

Michigan has an advantage over Indiana in the depth department, but at the same time Michigan has less explosiveness on the offensive side and a less proven offensive line. Both should be working with some stout interior defensive lines, and that's a leg up in the Big Ten.

Big Ten's Best Defensive End After Joey Bosa?

Yet, while the conference promises to field a number of stout and immovable defensive lines in the run game, the list of elite pass-rushers makes for surprisingly light reading. In some of my rants of yesteryear that decried the state of Big Ten recruiting, I would point to teams that were strong in some areas, even building up fantastic units out of low-ranked talent, but would fall short because of flaws elsewhere on the roster. If a Big Ten team can stop the run, that means they can force passing downs. Obviously, they'll want to do something with those opportunities, and the Big Ten is lacking athletic edge rushers to consistently cause havoc in those situations.

Stewart Mandel Mailbag: SEC West Hopes, Big 12 Talent, & More

Mandel makes a good point about Miami's recruiting strategy, and also touches on Braxton at wide receiver.

Drew Brees Purdue Highlights | 1999: Michigan 38, Purdue 12

The wide receivers almost steal both of these highlight videos from two Hall of Fame quarterbacks. The second video, of course, shows Brady vs. Brees.

For Purdue, A Quarterback Enigma

Fun fact: From 1998-2000, Brees passed for 11,560 yards and 90 touchdowns.

Q&A: Nick VanHoose

Fun fact: The movie that Nick VanHoose mentions, Jumper, took place in Ann Arbor, among other places.