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Quick Update: Is the Youth Impact Program the "replacement" for the football academy?

Maize n Brew spoke with a Michigan official who gave us some details about whether the football academy is being "replaced" by the Youth Impact Program.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

It was announced on Thursday that Michigan will be starting a Youth Impact Program for at-risk boys in Detroit.

An announcement was also made in March to cancel two cancer fundraising events in the Women's Football Academy and the Men's Football Experience. Both working closely to raise money for cancer with the University of Michigan Health System.

The statement announcing the cancellation of the academy also said that U-M will be exploring other opportunities as well.

So, does the Youth Impact Program "replace" the fundraising events? Not quite.

Maize n Brew were able to speak briefly with a Michigan official regarding the topic and we are able to share a brief update regarding the above question:

The Youth Impact Program should not be considered a "replacement" at all. In fact, the athletic department will still be working close with the UMHS, but in a different manner than a football academy.

"This (Youth Impact Program) is a new initiative for the football program that aligns with Coach Harbaugh's passion of assisting youth," said the Michigan official in an E-mail to Maize n Brew.