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Michigan Football 2015 Depth Chart Preview: Special Teams

Last, but not least, Maize n Brew's preview of the 2015 season comes to a close with a look at the probable special teams depth chart.

Danny Moloshok/Getty Images

If you read my article from earlier today, then it should be pretty clear who will be starting on special teams for Michigan in a few weeks. Since there's not too much to say, here's the breakdown:

Kicker: Andrew David

David's the best bet to be attempting Michigan's first field goal or extra point against Utah next month. There's no doubt he possesses the skill set to walk right into the starting job in Ann Arbor. The only potential hitch would be if Baxter wasn't happy with David's progression this fall since he missed spring ball. However, with three untested walk-ons as the other options, David looks to be a lock for Michigan's kicking vacancy.

Punter: Blake O'Neill

Copy the previous paragraph, change the first sentence to talk about punting, and replace "David" with "O'Neill." Again, the only way I see O'Neill not starting for Michigan is if one of the other three options - mainly Kenny Allen - stood out in Baxter's eyes during the spring and O'Neill failed to surpass them in the fall. But my money's on the Australian transfer.

Kicker/Punter Reserves: Kenny Allen, Kyle Seychel, Ryan Tice

Returner: Jabrill Peppers

With Norfleet gone and no proven playmakers on the team, the hyped, versatile weapon that goes by the name Jabrill Peppers will likely get a chance to return some kickoffs and punts this year. There's no reports that the job will be his or if he'll ever see action on special teams. But with all the talk and praise about his athletic ability since this spring, all signs point to Peppers giving us our first kick return for a touchdown in a long time.

Returner Reserves: The Ghost of Tom Harmon, Wyatt Shallman's wallaby

Long Snapper: Scott Sypniewski

He's one of two long snappers on the team, the only one with in-game experience, and no big blunders to his name. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Long Snapper Reserve: Andrew Robinson