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Tweet-Cap: Michigan OC Tim Drevno's August 24th Presser

For the first time since fall training camp started on August 7th, Michigan offensive coordinator Tim Drevno met with the local media to discuss camp and the season ahead.

Bryan Fuller-MGoBlog

Michigan has been locked away in its submarine for fall training camp, providing the local media no access to the staff, players, or practices since camp began on August 7th. Until today, when coordinators Tim Drevno and D.J. Durkin emerged to meet with the media. We at Maize n Brew were unable to have our own reporter at the presser, but we gathered tweets from other reporters that were in attendance. Here is what Drevno had to say, and, unfortunately, it wasn't very much:

It's no secret that main question asked about Michigan's offense is whether Jake Rudock or Shane Morris will be the starting quarterback for the opener against Utah. Anthony Broome and I believe that Rudock will win the job, and those that attended Michigan's student-only practice on Saturday, including our correspondent, Steve Kays, believed that Rudock would be the clear-cut starter. However, Drevno kept his lips sealed:

Further, Drevno added that he didn't know when the starter would be decided:

However, Drevno did say that he has a tentative depth chart, but, of course, that nothing is permanent and the chart is in flux on a day-by-day basis:

Drevno would not even confirm Michigan's first-team offensive line, which is presumed to be -- from left to right -- Mason Cole, Ben Braden, Graham Glasgow, Kyle Kalis, and Erik Magnuson. However, Drevno did mention that the chemistry is getting better:

This reveals little, if anything, but, given the scope placed on Michigan's offensive line entering this season, it is nice to hear that the offensive line is developing.

And that's it. You're probably thinking, "Drew, is that all that Drevno said?" Well:

Drevno may have emerged from the submarine, but the mentality was the same.

We'll post a tweet-cap of what Durkin said soon.

UPDATE: Matt Pargoff of posted video of Drevno's presser: