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YFD Gets An Exclusive Look Inside The Submarine With Jim Harbaugh

We at YFD are excited to kick off the 2015 football season with an exclusive look inside the Michigan football submarine with Coach Harbaugh.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Here at Your Friday Drinking Instructions, we take great pride in bringing you the most accurate, hard-hitting journalism found anywhere on the web. Just go ahead and check out any of our amazing past successes.

But like Michigan Football, Maize n Brew is about redemption and umpteenth chances. That's why the powers that be at SB Nation and Michigan's wonderful athletic department granted Your Friday Drinking Instructions the privilege of descending the murky blue depths of fall camp and boarding the maize submarine that seems to have everyone all up in a tizzy - but only on the condition that we forego our annual exercise in futility that is the YFD season preview. Seems like a fair trade to us - stop being wrong in exchange for a one-on-one with the holiest of holies?

Yup, I got to interview Jim Harbaugh. Here's what Coach had to say:

YFD: Coach, thanks for the time today. How are you?

YFD: You've been known to juggle dozens of things at once, which a college football coach has to do to be successful in today's environment. What's going on under that block M hat of yours right now?

YFD: Gotta be honest, Coach, I don't know if I can think of any.

YFD: Shit. OK. Let's just move on. Talk about the transition to Michigan from the NFL. How's Ann Arbor treating you?

YFD: What's the reception from local and national media been like? You excited to have GameDay come back to Ann Arbor this year?

YFD: You're on Twitter, and I know you hear all the time about your move back home. Talk about the flood of advice you must've gotten.

YFD: John Bacon's new book has some revelations about the process of bringing you home. Talk about the day on the boat where you talked about living in a college town - that day made him think it was real.

YFD: Know you've got a busy schedule and with Utah around the corner, I'm sure you're kicking it into high gear. How'd you spend your last day before Game Week?

YFD: Great to see you were able to spend some time with your family. As a kid, spending your days in the shadow of Bo and obviously learning from your dad constantly, what were you most looking forward to growing up?

YFD: Oh. Ok. Um, switching gears, you made some serious waves this offseason with your Summer Swarm Tour. Did any one camp strike you as one you'd like to go back to next year? Talk about the talent you saw out there.

YFD: What's the biggest question you think the team answered this offseason?

YFD: On to the current team - what have you seen out of fall camp that's impressed you so far? How was yesterday's practice?

YFD: You've preached improvement from day one. Can you single out one player, coach, or position group that you've seen improve - and why?

YFD: I have to ask - Broome's got this thing where he makes us all get him gifts from the people we interview. Can you make that happen? We could even surprise him!

YFD: Yeah, but he has to approve this article. Help a brother out?

YFD: Thanks, Coach. You going to join us for Pac and Biggie Week this year, Coach? Any thoughts?

YFD: At least tell me you've got some suggestions for YFD this year.

YFD: I'm pumped for football, but one thing that sucks about August is seasonal creep. You know how they have pumpkin beer out in, like, July? It isn't right. My favorite summer beer is a nice, crisp Oberon, and I can drink it any time I want.

YFD: Well, this has been weird. I'm probably going to have to answer some tough questions about this interview.

YFD: That makes me feel about 50% better. Thanks for your time today, Coach. Go Blue!

*Unfortunately, some technical issues occurred during our call, but Coach suggested we hop over to Twitter to finish the chat.

And without further ado, here's your Beers of the Week:

For Your East Coast Bias: The Duck-Rabbit Schwarzbier

Duck-Rabbit, out of Farmville, NC, has some really good stuff. They're known for their darker stuff - their milk stout and their Baltic porter are both excellent and will likely feature on future YFDs. But they'll knock you on your ass. Earlier this summer I drank some random oaky porter on the beach and ended up sleeping through dinner because, turns out, the bastard was 12% or something insane. It is still summer and this is summer beer time. There's a time and a place for your pumpkin peach ales and your imperial somethingorothers, but it isn't now.

Schwartzbier is a roasted lager. You generally use a darker, roasted malt to get a darker color and a little bit of a bite at the end of a sip, but it's still got the characteristic lightness of a lager. Duck-Rabbit does exactly that. When they tell you a beer is X, it's X. They name their beers by style, and by golly, that's how they turn out. Schwarzbiers aren't for everyone - but they're a great end-of-summer brew. This one clocks in around 6 percent so it's jusssst quaffable enough for your Labor Day grills.

For your Local Yokeldom: Half Acre Lead Feather

I've waxed rhapsodically about Half Acre in this space before. They're the kickest-ass Chicago brewery, and they brew in cans, which is the correct vessel in which to sell beer. It's like a keg you put into your face. Half Acre's great, and you can't go wrong with it. But for those of you looking to try something beyond their standard pale (looking at you, 312), give Lead Feather a shot.

It's another "black" ale - which you should not confuse with a porter. Think of it as a malty IPA. It isn't dark in body, just in color. It's got that roasty, hoppy flavor to it that you'd expect from a west coast black IPA. And, bonus points, it's a year-round beer, so if this summer evening for you isn't doing it, save 'em for a month from now when the Midwest weather inevitably causes you to ponder hugging your family for warmth, only to turn away when you realize you don't have a family.

Until next time, Cheers, Michigan Faithful!