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Thursday Morning Brews (8/6/15)

Football season is right around the corner.

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Hitting the Links Needs To Do Laundry

Gavin Cupp Commits To OSU

Cupp was recently a MSU commit, but he had his offer pulled after poking around to try and get an offer from Urban Meyer without telling MSU's staff. Now, he's a Buckeye.

How Good Can Michigan's Run Game Be?

If Kyle Kalis is healthy and the combination of him, Graham Glasgow, and Ben Braden can get a push on the interior line, then results will be positive.

Legends Jerseys In Minnesota?

TDG wonders what it would look like if Minnesota used Michigan's idea of legends jerseys.

Everett Golson v. Paul Finebaum

While I don't disagree with Paul Finebaum, there are a couple factors in play for Jimbo Fisher. One, Jimbo has a well-practiced skill of calming down his quarterbacks and getting the most of their talent. He nurtured a Heisman season out of a talented redshirt freshman, who was embroiled for most of it in the biggest controversy CFB had seen in a few years. Jimbo also got a 300-yard game out of Sean Maguire, a career back-up, in a game against Clemson. If there is any coach in the country - and I'm including Jim Harbaugh and Urban Meyer in this statement - who can handle the nerves of a talented but erratic quarterback, it is probably Jimbo Fisher. That talent will be on display again whether Golson or Maguire starts for the Noles.

And, another thing about Finebaum's comments. Florida State has entered Alabama and LSU territory in the staggering amount of talent it has had to replace on a yearly basis. Alabama has handled this well; LSU not quite as well. So while it's true that FSU broke the record this year for most NFL draft picks in a three-year span, we don't know how adeptly Fisher will be with the segue. If he handles it as well as his mentor, Nick Saban, then Florida State certainly has the talent to find its way in the top ten at some point.

It's also worth noting exactly how much talent the Noles have at wide receiver. Jake Rudock could put up 3,000 yards with these guys: three five-stars, a five-star tailback who boasted an 88% catch rate last year, plus eight other four-stars or high-three-stars between the tight end and receiver positions.

Is Iowa's Patience About To Run Out?

Iowa is, in some ways, a sleeping giant. They have built a reputation (which has a lot of value in college football) for pro-style, sturdy, hard-working, successful players. They have plenty of money to pay a coach a top-ten salary, though they obviously put that money into ... if not the wrong person, then the right person for too long. If they can lure a good coach back to the plains, they could cause a lot of waves in a West division that's in a bit of a power vacuum.

Fitz Q&A

Pat Fitzgerald sits down and talks with Inside NU. They split the interview up, so there will be another link coming next week.

Assume the Position: Safety | More Attrition From 2013 Class

For a position that BHGP considers harder to predict, it's an oddly fitting blow that Iowa loses yet another player from the 2013 class, this time a safety with a pretty good offer sheet out of high school. Not every player is going to get along with the coaching staff or have a good time at their first university of choice, but this amount of departures is seriously worrying.

SI's Notre Dame PreviewGreg Bryant To Miss Season

Bryant has been cursed by his five-star ranking a little bit. He's been a fine player in college, backing up a very fine starter in Tarean Folston. But that's hardly the expectation for a "five-star recruit."

Clemson Trying To Ignore Status As Favorites

Off-season attention can be dangerous, as Nick Saban would be quick to tell you. And the Tigers will try not to Clemson this.

What To Expect From Indiana's Wide Receivers

It turns out that Indiana will be without one of their young wideouts, J-Shun Harris II, as well as maybe their best offensive lineman, Ralston Evans.

Brad Craddock, Extraordinaire

This was a great piece on a team leader and all-around humble guy for the Terps, kicker Brad Craddock.

Re-Tooling Detroit's D-Line

Not CFB-related, but a good article on Detroit trying to replace two big stars on defense.

Jevonte Domond Reinstated

This continues a pretty long and terrible track record for Les Miles, dating back to his days at Oklahoma State.