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Scouting Report: 2017 Quarterback Davis Mills

One of the players on the sidelines as Michigan takes on Oregon State is an elite quarterback prospect out of Georgia. We break down his film.

Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

There aren't many players in the country with the polish of 2017 quarterback Davis Mills - enough, in fact, to buff a closet full of shoes. There aren't many football players who've played in the Georgia Dome, either, but Mills, as a sophomore, led his high school team to the Georgia state championship and played there. And not many quarterbacks can combine these levels of explosiveness and efficiency: 15.4 yards per completion, 67% completions.

Davis Mills, now a junior, is a four-star recruit and a top-ten pro-style quarterback prospect across the board. He's garnered interest from most of the country, in particular academic powerhouses like Michigan, Stanford, UCLA, Vanderbilt, and Cal.

"Some of the institutions that have offered him scholarships," said his high school coach, Tim Hardy, "are world-class institutions that are sort of life-changer types of places. If football works out, great. If football doesn't work out, you have a degree from a Vanderbilt or a Wake Forest or a Stanford or Northwestern, that's pretty solid."

247: ☆☆☆☆, #7 PRO
Rivals: ☆☆☆☆, #3 PRO
Scout: ☆☆☆☆, #9 PRO ESPN: ☆☆☆☆, #5 PRO

Wherever he lands, Mills will bring plenty more than a good intellect. He's incredibly accurate, as evident below. He can hit guys between the numbers from forty yards away or while on the run. As pressure closes in, he reacts well to buy himself time, and always seems to know what options he will have when he finds room to throw. The strength is there to get throws out quickly, so Mills could make plays even if his receivers aren't getting much separation or his line isn't giving him all day.

Davis also has great agility and speed, can read his blocks, and knows when to tuck and run. At the next level, Mills will have to be careful not to cost his team a fumble with the way he carries the ball, but that's less of a concern for someone with his headiness and skills - a guy who is comfortable reading plays while they're developing, and who knows how different one-on-one match-ups going well or poorly will affect what he can do.

Overall, the 6'3", 188-pound Georgia product is the kind of recruit Harbaugh has brought in so far at the quarterback position. A smart player, and an intuitive one, Mills should be able to pick up the college game quickly. And blessed with the all-around physical abilities he has, he could also excel with a diverse playbook. He's a rare five-tool quarterback.