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Game Thread: Michigan vs UNLV

This game could turn ugly very quickly.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

1-1 has never felt so good! After a weekend of stifling defense and a rushing attack we haven't seen in all too long, the Wolverines are back at it inside the Big House, taking on the UNLV Running Rebels. UNLV are scoring only 16.5 points per game, while allowing an astounding 37.5! No wonder the line is so lopsided in Michigan's favor today.

Here's how Michigan has gotten to 1-1: Week One, loss to Utah; I was not in attendance. Week Two, win against Oregon State; I was there. It's not quite a pattern, but it will certainly be interesting to see how this plays out for the remainder of the season.

I actually took the time after my absence last week to go through the game thread and read every one of the 500 comments. Since Michigan isn't playing Oregon State, we at least won't see a return to Maize n Brew After Dark with all the talk of Beavers and Butt. I'm also hoping that I can live up to ClevelandJames' standards when choosing the music for today.

Here's all the other stuff we have on tap: game preview, staff roundtable, match-ups to watch, and a Q&A with Mountain West Connection. Check out the storystream for anything I may have missed.

The Wolverines are favored by infinity today, so that can make this thread go one of two ways: we could be super excited to see everyone check as an eligible receiver and see a fat-man TD, or we're going to get bored as hell with another score and we'll go home early. Either way, let's comment like this is the most important thread ever, mind the guidelines, and always Go Blue!

Today's tune is brought to you by...Talking Heads