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Week Four Game Balls: Everyone!

There are still some areas for improvement, but Saturday was perhaps the most complete game we've seen from the new regime...and it was impressive.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Coming into the season I was honestly worried about this game. I pretty much chalked this up as a guaranteed loss. Could you really blame me considering how the team had underperformed prior to 2015? I'm guessing not, but this is now what I get: a convincing, all-phases-clicking, beat-down of a ranked team that had plenty going for it.

So with this week's game balls, they go to...


Saturday was impressive. Jake Rudock was an efficient 14 of 25 for 194 yards, one touchdown, and more importantly zero interceptions. Plus, he added another two scores with his feet. Okay, so the second half didn't have any scoring to really step on the Cougars' throats, but no interceptions, no fumbles, no dumb mistakes. But we had the amazing catch by Darboh in the first half to sustain us all damn day.

De'Veon Smith racked up another 100+ yard day and probably the most spectacular single run of the day:

I mean, was there a single Michigan fan who thought, "Oh, he's definitely coming out of that pile"? Didn't think so.

Later in the game Smith's ankle was rolled up on, which caused him to sit out the rest of the way, but it doesn't sound as though there is anything to worry about. Although we saw the rest of the running platoon get some positive touches, the likelihood of Smith's return is certainly a relief. Let's hope that he'll be back to 100% by the time the lights come on inside Byrd Stadium next Saturday night.

On the defensive side of things, the entire unit contributed something, wether it was a batted pass, a TFL, or a sack; there was nothing this defense wasn't going to accomplish to help secure the win. By holding the Cougars to a total, A TOTAL, of 105 yards for the game, the Michigan defense perhaps didn't prove that they were elite...but they definitely put people on notice. BYU averaged 30.3 going into Saturday's game; 0 is significantly less than their average.

All in all, simply impressive. And with a Maryland team that lost to Bowling Green by 21 and to West Virginia 45-6 next on the schedule, I have a feeling that the opening line is going to be "YUGE!"