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B1G Football Roundup: Business as usual

Nothing all that surprising happened this week in the Big Ten.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Words are at a premium this week. Let's get to it:

Rutgers plays something resembling football for once, beats lifeless Kansas 27-14

A life lesson that everybody except Kansas knew prior to December 2011: Never hire Charlie Weis. He torpedoed an already sinking ship in Lawrence; a ship that may never float again. After falling to Rutgers, Kansas has a significant chance of going winless this year. On the flip side, this win means absolutely nothing in terms of the state of Rutgers football going forward. Aside from Army and Maryland to close out the year, the Scarlet Knights probably won't win again. Hopefully they learn how to line up onside at some point this year.

Spartans let Chippewas hang around for three quarters before running away, 30-10

I'm not going to start calling for an upset on Oct. 17 and jinx it, but man, I just don't think Michigan State is actually the second best team in the country. Good on them for scoring a couple fourth quarter touchdowns to make it look like Central Michigan didn't have a chance in this game heading into the final frame. With injuries piling up and that Oregon win looking less impressive by the minute, Michigan State has no room for error if they want to make the playoffs.

Nebraska escapes feisty Southern Miss squad, 36-28

The Cornhuskers were up 22-0 at halftime and looked ready to roll. But the Golden Eagles stormed back, pulling within eight points early in the fourth quarter. Tommy Armstrong Jr. proceeded by shutting the door with a 16-yard touchdown run minutes later. Star of the game: Drew Brown, Nebraska's kicker who booted five (B1G TEN!) field goals in the victory.

Purdue purdues, loses to Bowling Green, 35-28

All you need to know about this one:

Indiana remains undefeated, beats Wake Forest 31-24

It's official#iufb4gameday is dead. It has failed. Which is a total bummer because who really gives a crap about Clemson and Notre Dame? The Irish are going to wipe the field with Dabo Swinney's squad. Conversely, with the way Ohio's started the season, Indiana has a chance. The W over the Demon Deacons gives Indiana their longest winning streak - five games - in 28 years. Here's to the Hoosiers pulling the upset and keeping that big ol' goose egg in the loss column.

Maryland marylands, gets blown out by West Virginia 45-6

Every person watching Maryland football this year:

Iowa demolishes a team from Texas, 62-16

Yes, North Texas is kind of bad at football. Yes, they have a kind of cool nickname in 'Mean Green.' Yes, it's still kind of impressive to win 62-16, no matter the opponent. Running back Jordan Canzeri went off on Saturday, scoring four touchdowns along with 115 yards on the ground. Quarterback C.J. Beathard beat down hard on the Greens secondary, completing his first 15 passes before finishing 18 of 21 for 278 yards and two touchdowns. The Hawkeyes enter conference play undefeated for the first time since '09 and maybe now Iowa fans will stop calling for Kirk Ferentz's firing (kidding, no way that happens and I bet they do something stupid like lose to Illinois).

Minnesota ekes out Ohio (not that Ohio), 27-24

The Golden Gophers seemed like they had caught the 'lose to MAC team fever' before scoring a go-ahead touchdown with less than a minute to go. Leidner dialed in a dynamite performance - albeit without any touchdowns - going 22 for 31 with 264 yards passing, and Minnesota rushers combined for over 200 yards and three touchdowns. The game could have went to overtime, but the Bobcats were confusingly flagged for delay of game after their kicker did what all kickers do and followed through with a 'practice' kick after being iced by the Gophers. Minnesota may be 3-1 coming into conference play, but it's a very shaky 3-1.

Ohio (yes that Ohio) tops Western Michigan, 38-12

Still not impressed. Bring it on.

Badgers copy Buckeyes, shutout Hawaii 28-0

It seems to me the Rainbow Warriors may not want to play the Big Ten again anytime soon. Too bad they open next year at the Big House. After falling to Alabama, Wisconsin's run roughshod over the rest of their non-con schedule. They have surrendered a grand total of three points over the last three games. They ran for 326 yards and three touchdowns against Hawaii. They may not be undefeated, but they look better than anyone else in the B1G West right now.

Illinois barely beats Middle Tennessee, 27-25

I don't really know what to say here

Penn State passes San Diego State, 37-21

Don't look now, but the Nittany Lions seem to be picking up a little steam. Hackenberg was the star of the show this week, throwing for 296 yards and three touchdowns. However, Penn State channeled 2013 Michigan in the run game (i.e. 27 for 27) by averaging a minuscule 2.1 yards per carry on 34 attempts.

Northwestern is also still undefeated after beating Ball State, 24-19

The Wildcats were trailing 10-7 at halftime before tearing off 17 unanswered points to start the third quarter. QB Clayton Thorson helped get the job done, going 18 for 31 for 256 yards, three touchdowns, and one interception. Coupled with 290 team rushing yards, Northwestern gained 546 yards of total offense and should have won more handily if not for three turnovers.