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Jim Harbaugh Gives His Takeaways From Each Side of the Ball in Week One

Michigan's head coach spoke to the media on Labor Day in preparation for Oregon State on Saturday

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan head football coach Jim Harbaugh spoke to the media on Monday on the first day of preparation for Saturday's game against Oregon State.

There was, however, quite a bit of reflection on the Utah game, particularly his thoughts on Michigan's performance on each side of the football.

"Defensively, sudden change situations," he said. "After a turnover our defense gave up no points in those situations. Gave up no points in the two-minute drive situations. The other side is not getting any turnovers. Got the one turnover right before half. Would like to see more aggressiveness in terms of the ball; clubbing it, ripping it, getting it out, getting it over to our side. Be more handsy. Getting our hands on balls, whether they’re tips or PBUs or interceptions.

"I thought that the defense as a whole, again, more consistent, more consistently fast. I’d like to see that. There’s parts of the game where we didn’t get lined up quickly to formations and downs as quickly as we could have and should have."

The defense did its part to keep the Wolverines in the game, but the execution offensively really was not all that great. Harbaugh was very open about his thoughts about that unit.

"Offensively, when all 11 were doing exactly what they were supposed to do, the precision of the unit has to be all 11," Harbaugh said. "The times when we did have breakdowns [it was] one guy, one breakdown, one missed assignment or two on the same play. All of it is fixable and that’s what we’re working hard to do right now.

"I thought the discipline was really good offensively, and that showed up. Not a pre-snap mistake, penalty was very low and really missed assignments were low. Again, it was a key one by one guy, and it wasn’t one guy who did it every single play but a play here, a play there and that just goes to show you how important all 11 are, especially on offense. And defense.

"We were good in the red zone. Picked up a good amount of first downs. Sustained drives. We had four drives of over eight plays. We had a twelve play drive in there. We did some good things as I mentioned in the red zone. It shows how important short yardage is would be some of the downside there.

"I also thought our special teams was pretty darn good."