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Game Thread: Rose Bowl & Sugar Bowl

What a game.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

So, Michigan defeats Florida, but the January 1st bowls roll on. Grab a snack, make sure the apartment isn't on fire, and then settle back down. Heck, watch a movie for the rest of the night, but feel free to hang out and join us in the discussion. Here's the football schedule for the rest of the night:


Rose Bowl: Stanford vs. Iowa, 5:00 on ESPN

Sugar Bowl: Oklahoma State vs. Ole Miss, 8:30 on ESPN


Watching Iowa's DBs try to contain Stanford's receivers, and of course Christian McCaffrey as well, will make for good TV.  There's also a rumor that Michigan's biggest competition for the services of a Mr. Gary is Ole Miss, so a loss by the Rebels could be good for the Wolverines, theoretically. Chad Kelly is fun to watch for Ole Miss, and on the other side, OSU has some really good defensive backs, one of whom was a transfer from Indiana last season, Michael Hunter. And yes, Indiana could've used Hunter this year, that's for sure.

Alright, enough of me yapping, I'm past my minimum word count now. Go Blue, stay safe, enjoy your evenings, and comment like this is the most important thread of all time. (I'm stealing your catchphrase, Peter.) Ten wins, baby. Go Blue.