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Betting Reactions: Worst Bad Beats of the Bowl Season

Leafing through possibly the worst bowl season since rye bread, some bettors found themselves on the wrong end of some crazy bowl endings.

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

Like bundling up alongside a cozy fire to watch Home Alone 3, this season's bowl session was rough on the retinas. Twenty-four -- count 'em, 24 -- games decided by double digits turned the traditional trepidation into dull delirium. Remote control power buttons received the workout of a lifetime.

However, that doesn't mean we were devoid of bad beats in the betting world this bowl season. Similar to ESPN analyst Scott Van Pelt's 'Bad Beat' segment on his late-night montage, we captured the social media glitz of how bettors lost money in the worst way.

Northwestern vs. Tennessee

Line: Tennessee -8.5, 48.5

The Volunteers harnessed the Wildcats for much of four quarters, aside from allowing a meager six points in the second frame of the Outback Bowl.

With Tennessee leading, 24-6, heading into the final quarter, Northwestern tickets appeared all but buried six feet under, while under backers hoped for the clock to churn. Tennessee's John Kelly and Joshua Dobbs would cash in on rushing touchdowns to widen the gap to 38-6 and bring the total to 44 points. With 4:24 remaining, the dreaded backdoor, meaningless touchdown for Northwestern still hung in the balance.

Waltzing down the field with ease, backup quarterback Zack Oliver tossed an interception in Tennessee's redzone. Instead of going down to end the game, however, Evan Berry returned the pick the full length of the field with zero seconds remaining to end the game, 45-6. Some saw it coming, others relished, some advised alcohol consumption.

Oregon vs. Texas Christian

Line: Oregon -7, 73.5

Most are probably familiar with the epic comeback that the Horned Frogs made over the Oregon Ducks, as TCU would claw back from a 31-0 halftime deficit to reign victorious in triple overtime. The spread was also impacted.

Second place is always respectable too, Joshua.

I blame this guy for using the dreaded 'L' word.

Lock it in for maximum heartburn and possible absence from work.

I hope they didn't, Jimmy.

Now I'm just trolling at this point.

Who's got the lighter fluid?