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Thursday Morning Brews: Projecting For 2016

Oh, shoot, I just realized it's the off-season.

Hitting the Links Wants Beer Suggestions

Biggest Storylines For Michigan's Off-Season

Zach Gentry is already getting forgotten about with the hype for Brandon Peters. And, he might end up at tight end

Bold Big Ten Predictions For 2016

Spoiler: one is that Michigan will win the Big Ten.

Ohio State Recruiting Downturn?

I wonder if it turned into sad pizza.

Torrance Gibson's Strange Season

Losing a year of quarterback practice is unusual, to say the least. And it's not like they have Tom Herman coaching the quarterbacks anymore, either.

Draft Departures: Jack ConklinVonn BellMichael Thomas

Best of luck to everybody. Go start your career.

Projecting Iowa's 2016 Starters

This will be a running team still at the end of the day, and their offensive line could very possibly take a step forward.

An Early Look At 2016's Quarterbacks

Underwhelming. No offense to either of these men, but Zander Diamont and Mitch Leidner are two of the more promising, proven quarterbacks in the Big Ten. Things can change in an off-season, but that doesn't bode well.

The Thirteen Teams That Can Make Next Year's Playoffs

Michigan, of course, is included, one of only two from the Big Ten.

Iowa's LB Coach Expected to Replace Don Brown As BC's DC

We'll see what direction Kirk Ferentz takes from here.

Former Purdue QB Austin Appleby Transfers To Florida

Appleby will be eligible next year as a graduate transfer. He'll compete with Treon Harris, Luke Del Rio, a former three-star walk-on at Alabama, and a pair of freshmen.

Roundtable: Reacting to Dave Aranda's Departure

A sticky situation.

Who Replaces Zeke?

Bri'onte Dunn has impressed me in limited carries. Curtis Samuel is an Ohio State athlete, but he didn't quite live up to the hype (often started by Urban Meyer) this year.

That defense, though.

A Tough 2016 Schedule For Illinois

Six of Iheir twelve opponents next year won 10 games this season. If it's a small consolation, North Carolina will be without their star quarterback of the last few seasons, Marquise Williams.

Bart Miller Q&A

Minnesota's new line coach talks some strategy and what he'd like to do at Minnesota. The first few answers are pretty cliche, but there's some good stuff.

Ash Hires Rick Mantz

Fun fact: there is a species of praying mantis named after Al Gore - Liturgusa algorei.

How Michigan State's Offensive Line Can Rebound

MSU loses its three best offensive linemen. But depth could be better next year, as Mike Griffith writes.

The Growth of Mufi Hunt

A nondescript Michigan State commit will be walking onto campus as a 6'6", 260-pound defensive end.

Big Ten Mailbag: Michigan's Record, More

The schedule is tougher next year for Michigan. But this team will be just fine. In fact, with the losses by MSU and OSU to the NFL draft, is there a more talented team in the Big Ten than Michigan?

Ohio State Offers Chris Evans

Hey, I really hate Ohio State. Forgot about that for a minute.

Behind The Scenes On The Coaches' Headsets

This isn't a Big Ten article, but it's too good not to include. Alabama coaches and former players talk about the Tide's approach to in-game communication.

Michael Thomas Highlights

An underrated player with impeccable body control. Look for Noah Brown, maybe Torrance Gibson, and Curtis Samuel to make some noise for them next year.

2015: A Year of Harbaugh, In Gifs

The best year-end summary out there.