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Throwback Thursday: Illinois Week

Remember this? Re-live this memorable UM victory over Illinois in 2010.

NCAA Football: North Carolina at Illinois
Michigan faces off against Illinois and their new head coach Lovie Smith on Saturday.
Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

Final Score: Michigan 67, Illinois 65 (3OT)

November 6, 2010

Although this was a Big Ten victory for Michigan at the Big House, it is likely a game most Michigan fans would like to forget. Both defenses decided to sleep walk through most of this game, the offenses put enough points up on the board to give the scoreboard operator a fair argument for a pay raise come Monday morning.

A game like this is fun to look at, it helps you appreciate how far the UM defense has come in the past couple years under Jim Harbaugh’s wing. Newly anointed defensive coordinator Don Brown (Dr. Blitz) has done a stellar job so far this season. According to NCAA Football Statistics Michigan has the #1 ranked defensive unit in the country through 6 games.

Take a look at the highlights from the Illinois game a few years back in Ann Arbor.

What to Expect Next Week Against Illinois

Expect a game very similar to this next week, both offenses going back and forth lighting up the stat books. Just kidding. Obviously.

Expect Michigan to run the ball down the center of the Illini defense with relative ease. The current stable of UM running backs will be too much for the opposition to handle. Don’t expect the rushing yards to add up quite as high as they did at Rutgers. But the final rushing yards total will be lopsided towards Michigan.

*Illinois beat Rutgers 24-7 last week, giving us a sample of where they stand as Michigan beat the same Rutgers team 78-0.

The defense will have a much better showing this season than they did in that 2010 game. Such a good showing that there will be a goose egg under Illinois at the end of the ball game.

I predict Michigan fans will be drinking Champaign (Illinois reference) when the clock hits all zeros on this one.

Score Prediction: Michigan 49, Illinois 0