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The Last Word: Last Week Is Already In The Rear-View Mirror

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Michigan Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

You know what? Last week doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t. Ancient philosophers keep telling me to live each day to the fullest and then let it go when it’s done. I think we should do that. So, who are we playing this week, anyway?

Sparty, huh? Hey, waddayaknow. My old friend.

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

I grew up rooting for all the teams in Michigan; I lived in a remote part of the state, so I didn’t get much interaction with either fan base. I basically just saw people walking around in a Sparty coat or a Wolverines jacket sometimes; didn’t think anything of it. When the 11:00 news came on, I’d root for both.

I still never really cared as much about this rivalry until last year. Sure, they were winning games for a while, but even that was about us. It wasn’t personal to me yet. But then the fumbled punt happened, and I can tell you that not many memories have stuck with me as much as the aftermath of that game, when Michigan State fans were shouting and screaming and running through U-M buildings.

You want a joke? Try 2-5. You want something funny? Well, I think going into Spartan Stadium and beating the Sparty-loving shit out of them for 60 minutes is pretty darn funny - especially after all the smack talk and pride they managed to chew up and spit out over the years.

You know, you rarely get a chance to spend a week focusing on one, single thing. It’s relaxing, in a way. Focuses you. This week, I don’t really care about the playoff, or the ACC or Bama or Washington. None of that matters. Paul Finebaum and the other trolls will have to wait a week for our attention. It’s only about Sparty right now, and that feels good.

There were a lot of jokes last year about how you can’t get out of the fact that a game is 60 minutes. You have to stay on your feet for every single one. So, thanks, Sparty. I think I got the lesson. I think the team will remember that, too, this time around. And next year, and the year after. We’ll make sure not to forget.

Oh, and - good luck, by the way. Whatever the score, make sure to stick around for 60 minutes.

We’ll get back to jokes next week.