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Out For Season: Harbaugh, Speight praise Grant Newsome’s character, toughness

We take a look at what Jim Harbaugh and Wilton Speight had to say about left tackle Grant Newsome.

Photo Gallery: Michigan 49, Penn State 10 Dustin Johnston / Maize n Brew

It looked nasty, looked like a season-ending injury when it happened, and that reality came true today for Michigan left tackle Grant Newsome, he will be out for the rest of the season.

Both Jim Harbaugh and Wilton Speight talked about Newsome today.

Jim Harbaugh on the injury:

“He had a serious knee injury and will be out for the year. It’s going to be a tough couple of weeks for him. It’s a reminder just how tough the game of football is. What I do know is this, as far as human being character, nobody’s ever come through here with more of it than Grant Newsome. His parents should write a book on raising kids. Grant is the finest. We are praying for him right now, it’s not a good feeling today, at all. Everybody he comes into contact with, nurses and doctors, please and thank you. He’s an amazing young man. All things are possible with Grant Newsome. He’s handling it like a champ. He’s as tough as a two dollar steak.”

Wilton Speight:

When the injury occurred a cart came onto the field, Newsome declined to hop on it and ride to the locker room. Instead, he took the long walk (with the help of two others) through the tunnel. That’s toughness at the highest degree. He knew at the time the severity of the injury, but he went out like a gladiator leaving the arena, not a wounded pup.