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Kirk Herbstreit thinks Louisville is better than Michigan

Herbstreit says Michigan’s offense has a long way to go

NCAA Football: ESPN College Game Day Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Kirk Herbstreit ranked his top 4 teams following Week 5. Michigan did not make the cut.

Herbstreit’s Top 4

4- Louisville

3- Clemson

2- Alabama

1- Ohio State

On Twitter Herbsreit further clarified his thoughts about Michigan:

A Michigan fan tweeted at him claiming he has bias:

Herbstreit is a former Buckeyes quarterback, along with that title a certain amount of underlying bias could exist. Whether that’s true or not, his top 4 and comments about Michigan are highly debatable. Michigan faced one of the best defenses in the country and made multiple trips to the red-zone. The final score of the game is a bit deceiving, three missed field goals turned an easy win into a nail-biter. Michigan’s offense before this week was one of the top scoring one’s in the nation, and it hung over 40 on a top 25 team with a stout defense (Colorado).

For Herbstreit to say Michigan’s offense has a long way to go is a stretch. While improvements need to be made, there have been many impressive plays and moments throughout their first five games. His claim is that Louisville is the more complete team. He has the right to that opinion, but I would counter that Michigan is the more complete defense, and defense is what wins championships. Louisville is the Lamar Jackson show.