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Michigan Football Commit Q&A: 3 Star Safety J’Marick Woods

Is J’Marick Woods Michigan’s next great safety?

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Michigan has one safety commit thus far in their 2017 class, and he’s a good one. Hailing from Alabama, the 6-3 205 lb J’Marick Woods was kind enough to have a chat with MnB.

The three star safety has tremendous size for his position, to go along with a knack for being around the football. Woods has a lot of potential, and after watching film, not only can he cover and be a ball-hawk, but he is also a good tackler and hard hitter. Be sure to check out his highlights at the bottom of this article.

Woods Q&A

How’s your season going?

“I’ve been doing my job. A lot of teams are going away from me, so I can’t make as many plays as I did last year because they didn’t know about me.. but I’m still making my plays, doing my assignment, and things I need to do. I feel I’m having a pretty solid season overall.”

How did you do last year?

“Last year I was kind of all over the field really. I played down safety, middle-field safety, end... I’d come off the edge sometimes. I did a lot of things. I made a lot of plays for my team last year.”

Any players in college or nfl that you try to take techniques from their play and apply them to yours?

“I try to be aggressive, like Eric Reid. I love Eric Reid because he’s a big safety, and I liked watching him play, I’ve been keeping up with him ever since I got to playing safety my 7th/8th grade year. And not just Eric Reid, but Ed Reed too, because he was one of the best safeties before he retired in the NFL. Another safety like Sean Taylor, I try to be physical like him.”

You’ve received interest from other big name programs, what has made you stick with Michigan?

“I feel like Michigan has the best opportunity for me. I get along with the players, the coaches, the recruits there.”

Talk about the staff, what are they like?

“They’re really good people, they talk to me a lot, every week. We just keep building a relationship, they keep checking on me, on my parents, my siblings, and they see how I’m doing in school.”

Do you have relationships with other Michigan commits?

“We all got a group message, so I keep in touch with them through that. I’m really cool with Corey Malone-Hatcher, that’s kind of like family. When I first went up there, me and him we clicked.”

What kind of player do you consider yourself?

“I feel like I’m a versatile player. I can play a lot of different spots on the field. I’m not just isolated to one spot, one certain thing that I’m good at, I’m good at a lot of things. I’m long, so I cover a lot of ground, and I feel like I’m just a good overall player. Of course I still need to improve, but I feel like overall I’m really versatile with my size.”

What are your goals as a student and player?

“As a student I want to go in there and graduate pretty early, before I get all my eligibility up, I want to graduate before then. As a football player, I want to do what’s best for me, work hard every day, get on the field, play, do whatever is best for the team.”