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Michigan library tweets Harbaugh questionnaire answers from 1982

Bobby Knight? ACDC? Jim Harbaugh is a fan

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The University of Michigan Bentley Library has a Twitter account, and they sent out some gems today. They found a questionnaire Jim Harbaugh filled out in 1982. The answers don’t come as much of a surprise.

Harbaugh’s Favorites:

The fact Harbaugh drew the lightning bolt in ACDC is awesome, and we can see he was a hard rock fan with him digging Sammy Hagar as well. Harbaugh spent his youth in both Michigan and California, thus him liking teams from both states.

Reasons why Harbaugh chose Michigan:

Solid reasons that are timeless. I think Harbaugh would always leave the “toughest opponent you’ve ever played” question blank. He and Michigan bow to no man, no program.