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James Franklin makes jab at Harbaugh about Satellite Camps

James Franklin has an issue with Harbaugh and satellite camps

NCAA Football: Temple at Penn State Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday, the NCAA announced proposals to decrease the amount of days satellite camps are allowed, from fifteen days to ten.

Penn State head coach James Franklin subtly mentioned Harbaugh when he talked about Satellite Camps:

“I was like, the poster boy for satellite camps (two years ago). I don’t know why, but I was,” he said. “Somebody else has become the poster boy for satellite camps now. That’s fine with me. And it’s gotten out of control, like a lot of things in life and a lot of things in our profession. It’s gotten into extremes again, and I don’t think that’s what anybody wants.”

It’s quite humorous Franklin refers to himself as once being the poster boy, yet has a problem with what is going on now with the camps. He doesn’t mention Harbaugh by name here, but it’s obvious that’s who he is referring to. Franklin agrees with the proposal to reduce the days for camps. The reasoning for this is also glaring. Michigan recruits better, and has one of the best coaching staffs in the nation from top to bottom. The more time to recruit, travel around, and let kids see exactly how they coach will benefit them more than let’s say... Penn State.

Franklin also has a politically nuanced idea with a hidden agenda, to have these satelite camps only at colleges:

“I don’t think it should be with third parties, recruiting services or things like that,” he said. “I think it should be on college campuses with college staffs. If you want to go somewhere else and do it, great. But it should be run by colleges. I think we’re asking for trouble with those things.”

That’s a clever statement from Franklin, but the intent is deceiving. If these camps are to only be at colleges, that would drastically change the radius in which Michigan (or others) would be able to have the camps. There’s no way Alabama would let Michigan have a camp at their facility, or Penn State for that matter. It’s more organic when it’s ran at a high school, it’s less flashy even. All that’s needed is a suitable football field, and Harbaugh will be there to coach. Asking for trouble, Franklin claims. What trouble has come from these camps besides whining? What trouble has occurred that has effected players? None.

For Franklin to have this stance shows where his team resides in recruiting, behind Michigan. He knows he can’t recruit as well, and he doesn’t want to work as hard with the camps. Limiting the days allowed, limiting where they can be held is in his best interest. The former self proclaimed poster boy may be better served to learn how to make his camps better. A troubled program such as Penn State could use some outside of the box type recruiting. Until then they may be losing 49-10 to Michigan for a long time.

The rule changes will be voted on in April.