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Two Michigan defenders make Pro Football Focus ‘Dream Team’

Who made the Dream Team?

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Photo Gallery: Michigan 49, Penn State 10

Pro Football Focus put out a new ‘Dream Team’. Usually they assemble the best players overall to create the team, but this version is a bit fine-tuned. This ‘Dream Team’ has the best passing offense, and best defense to stop the pass. Two Michigan defenders made the list.

Jabrill Peppers:

I’m sure it’s been a lifelong goal of Peppers to be a Dream Teamer at multiple positions. This week, he makes it happen as he was a safety on the team two weeks ago, but we’re slotting him in at linebacker in our quest to stop the pass at all costs. He’ll bring the versatility to cover tight ends, kick out on slot receivers, or move around and blitz the quarterback. Peppers will be our movable chess piece on the defense, but we’re calling him “linebacker” this week.

Jourdan Lewis:

“Welcome back, Jourdan Lewis. The nation’s top coverage grade returned two weeks ago and picked up right where he left off as he’s allowed two catches for seven yards on seven targets in his two games this season. Of course, he sealed the deal for Michigan with an incredible one-handed interception that looked like Odell Beckham playing defense. I don’t care that it was fourth down, Lewis made the highlight-reel pick, and it may not have even been the best one of his career (look up last year’s pick-6 against Northwestern). Lewis is back in full force and even at a listed 5-foot-10, he brings a feistiness to man coverage that is difficult to match.”

Lewis didn’t allow one catch off him last week, Peppers was his normal high-flying aggressive self. The list could have had Channing Stribling on it also. While Stribling may not be the recognizable name of the bunch, he’s played great this year and has three interceptions. Maybe the next ‘Dream Team’ will have all three, and I’d lobby to have Chris Wormley and Ryan Glasgow on there as well. Michigan’s defense IS THAT GOOD.