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MnB Roundtable Mispronounces Piscataway

It’s Rutgers’ Super Bowl, and Tom Brady is Unavailable

Iowa v Rutgers Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Never thought I'd say this, but, Michigan is out to get some payback against Rutgers. Name the ways in which Michigan will do that, no matter how ridiculous.

Kyle: Like the Rams did against the Redskins after the RGIII trade, Harbaugh should send out all of his New Jersey recruits as captains to start the game.

Anthony Broome: No idea. It will be ugly.

Alejandro: By embarrassing them, though they do that already without much help.

Peter Putzel: Michigan will score halftime. Jourdan Lewis will intercept every pass thrown his way. Honorary Michigan Captain: The Scarlet Knight.

Garrett Hein: It's totally possible that both Michigan's offense and defense put up six touchdowns, right? I've created a Twitter bot to live-tweet the game for me and all it does is tweet "Michigan lines up with a chance to score here" before every single play.

Kevin Bunkley: Michigan is a different team, and won't let an inferior opponent play them close. I envision Michigan running that oddball train formation for entire drives to mess with Rutgers. They could have Peppers come out in the wildcat, or call a timeout in order to get the ball back. The special teams unit could get some field goal blocks, and Channing Stribling and Jourdan Lewis are going to have some chances at some interceptions. That get returned for touchdowns.

Trevor: Michigan will be Rutgers by a landslide on Saturday. Bold Predicitons: - UM gets a sack fumble and returns it for a TD. - Rutgers will score. But only 7, the TD will come on a big play, 40+ yards. - Khalid Hill will score three touchdowns for a grand total of 4 yards rushing. - The Rutgers crowd will begin the game rowdy and ready, only to be quieted by the second quarter.

Shash: I don't see a lot of FGAs Saturday, hurricane or not

Is it possible Jourdan Lewis has been holding out on us in that he is secretly the best player on this defense?

Kyle: While Peppers' versatility is unmatched, Lewis is better at his position than Peppers is at any of his. Not a knock on Peppers; just shows how good Lewis truly is.

AB: I don't think there's any doubt he is. With all due respect to Jabrill Peppers, Lewis's presence changes everything.

AZ: Yes. But is it a secret?

PP: He sure as hell picked the right time to let everyone know last week, didn't he? If he isn't the best, though, he's making a strong case to be that guy.

GH: He's probably the best cover corner in the college game right now. I think it's hard to compare Lewis to Peppers because of that. Lewis is the best at a specific thing, while Peppers does Peppers things play in and play out. Things that transcend positions. Lewis is Michael Jordan. Peppers is Lebron.

KB: He was injured, so we sorta forgot about his insane ability. We may not hear his name as much during games because he's likely forcing opposing quarterbacks to throw elsewhere, and when his name is called, he's breaking up passes or leaping in the air for an interception. Peppers may be the guy who is all over the field, but Lewis is the guy allowing Peppers to be all over the field.

Trevor: He is the best cover corner in the nation, no doubt. I don't see why he isn't ahead of Peppers on any mock draft boards. He has more experience, he is much more savvy, his coverage skills and ball skills are the best in the nation. Draft analysts like Peppers for his versatility and explosiveness, and I get that, but Lewis would be a more reliable pick for the long-term. Although, if Pepp were to stay until his senior year in college he would likely be just as good or even better than Lewis is now.

Shash: Yes, he is the best player on the defense. He hasn't been holding out. It's been pretty clear. Jabrill might be the best player on the team but it's clear JD's the best defensive player, and given M's line play that's saying a lot.

Chris Ash: Legit?

  • (Something about the birthplace of college football)
  • Rutgers should concentrate on making Fat Sandwiches
  • How many Paramus Cathloic commits did they get?
  • A rival is known for something besides one national title that happened 10 years before Michigan started.

AB: Chris Ash could make Rutgers better, but that's really not saying a whole lot. He has his work cut out for them there.

AZ: Rutgers has enough local talent that Ash should be able to get then to a semi-competitive level.

PP: Who?

GH: Chris Ash is quoted as saying, "Game day, calling it, might be the easiest thing to do." And he's correct. Saying things into a microphone is #7 on the list of Very Easy Things to Do which is definitely a real list don't bother looking it up.

KB: It's a bit unusual to envision Michigan as a rival when they've only played us two other times. I suppose whatever gets the players motivated, but I can think of a few other goals that should come first for a struggling football program unable to recruit in their home state.

Trevor: I have never met a Rutgers fan in my life. But I imagine they are extremely salty towards Michigan fans for stealing Jersey talent. I hope their Fat Sandwiches aren't nearly as salty as the fan base.

Shash: Too early to tell. I think with the storied program history they have it's only a matter of time before they return to national prominence. They're already making statements against power programs like Washington. Love what they're doing, love the aggression, love love love love.

I won't ask what other games you're watching since several are canceled, but instead, make an upset special for the games that are happening.

Kyle: Washington State is coming off two sizable victories and Stanford just got smacked down. Though they are on the road, look for the Cougars to pull off the upset.

AB: I'm not sure if it'd be an upset, but I am interested in seeing how MSU fares against BYU riding a two-game losing streak.

AZ: Rutgers over Michigan. Just kidding. I like Texas over Oklahoma.

PP: After making the prediction of my life a few weeks ago, I've decided to quit while I'm a head. Instead, I'll just say that I'd love to see Indiana do something special in Columbus. What if Oregon beats Washington? Who would have thought that those two teams would be flip-flopped the way they are? That Ducks defensive coordinator must not wear a headset or something.

GH: My Upset Special is Kansas State. Texas Tech is coming in eight point 'dogs, but they have the #2 (K State is #83) S&P+ offense -- behind only Louisville. Kansas State does have the advantage of a top 15 defense, whereas Texas Tech can only boast about a top one-hundred-and-fifteen. But whatever. Texas Tech is averaging 59.5 points through four games. The over/under is 68, and it's going to be a shootout in Manhattan (Kansas). Red Raiders win by four.

KB: Hard to pick between Penn State surprising Maryland or Texas getting the jump on Oklahoma two years in a row. Everyone in Austin seems to think Charlie Strong is on the hot seat again, and one of these times James Franklin won't do something boneheaded and will win a game.

Trevor: My upset pick (if the game does take place) is #23 FSU beating #10 Miami. Hurricane Matthew isn't the only Cane gaining steam right now. The U has greener pastures on the horizon. But, right now FSU has out recruited Miami too badly and will pull out a W in a close one.

Shash: DAWGS on Sunday against whoever they're playing unless they're the favorite? And let's go with BERT over Saban on Saturday night.

Bonus Q: What're ya drinking to ride out the hurricane wrecking all of the football?

AB: Something fall-y.

AZ: Gatorade. Thought out to the southeast & Caribbean

PP: Probably some bourbon of one variety or another. Don't tell Shash, but I haven't had a beer since early Spring.

GH: I'll be working on Founder's Devil Dancer. It's a triple IPA at 12%, so it should be easy to ration all the way through the recovery efforts.

KB: Need to go to the store and search for some seasonal stuff from Bell's or New Belgium or some other craft place.

Trevor: Hamm's "Born in the Land of Blue Sky Waters."

Shash: NOT A BEER THIS WEEK. CLEARLY THE ANSWER HERE IS A DARK AND STORMY. but in seriousness, the play here is two parts ginger beer, one part bourbon. I know it isn't a legit dark and stormy but fuck limes. Let's call it a Harbaugh. Oh, and if you want to make it truly Michigan, do two parts Vernors and one part Traverse City Cherry Whiskey. You won't hate it.