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Harbaugh on Peppers: “We are looking at a Heisman Trophy winner”

Jim Harbaugh endorses Peppers for Heisman

Photo Gallery: Michigan 49, Penn State 10

"If there was a Bible right here," Harbaugh said, pointing to the podium at the press conference, "I'd put my hand on it and say there's no more versatile player than Jabrill Peppers." Jim Harbaugh said after Michigan’s 78-0 demolition of Rutgers.

Jabrill Peppers was electrifying, totaling 74 yards rushing with two touchdowns, with his most impressive play being a punt return for a touchdown that was called back. On the return Peppers ducked a defender spun a way from another and picked up stride instantly and flew to the end-zone. It was a shame it was called back, would have been the return of the year. Peppers also had two tackles on the day.

“There’s nothing he can’t do. It’s the darndest thing I’ve ever seen. My humble opinion is we are looking for a Heisman trophy winner, candidate.” Harbaugh declared.

When asked to compare Peppers to anyone else, he compared him to one of the greatest and most versatile athletes of all time... Jim Thorpe. An NFL player who played multiple positions, a Major League Baseball player, and a gold medal winning Olympian in the early 1900’s. "Maybe Jim Thorpe, maybe that would be a better comparison." A great comparison indeed.