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MnB Roundtable Ditches Crabs, Keeps Football

Durkin Durkin

Michigan v Michigan State Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Did Michigan State lose with dignity last week?

Garrett: This was a tough one. But after a lot of consideration, I'm going with no.

Anthony: They played well. I will tip my hat to them.

Kyle: Any dignity was lost during the five seconds it took Peppers to sprint 90 yards down the field as 11 Spartans just stood there and watched.

Kevin: Of course not. Down by three scores until the last half of the fourth quarter, half their stadium empty toward the end, and a decision to attempt a two-point conversion to lose by not as much. That’s complete domination. Only way they could’ve lost with even less dignity would’ve been if Dantonio was canned after he walked off the field.

Tanner: What a joke. You don't go from playoffs to being happy you didn't get blown out. Even though Michigan thoroughly dominated that game for about 50 minutes.

The CFP Committee have put out their first rankings, but what's the MnB Top Four

Garrett: 1. Alabama 2. Michigan 3. Clemson 4. Louisville

Anthony: 1.) Bama 2.) Clemson 3.) Michigan 4.) Louisville

Kyle: It's boring and safe, but the top four should be Alabama, Michigan, Clemson, and Washington. The Committee has a knack for questionably jumping teams over each other as the season goes on though, so it doesn't really matter.

KB: Apparently the committee has put an early emphasis on quality losses, which, Texas A&M is the only team to have lost to Alabama and not fallen into obscurity. Michigan’s schedule has looked stronger week to week with Penn State and Colorado continuing to improve (with the Buffs squeaking out a win against UCLA last night). Clemson’s win against Louisville seemed like the best win of any team until last week, as Louisville needed every minute to beat a terrible Virginia team.

I’d put more emphasis on strength of schedule, and that’s where Washington’s case starts to weaken, BUT, they beat Stanford and Utah, and have their rivalry game against Washington State in a few weeks. Perhaps the committee is waiting to make sure the Huskies can get through that game before moving them up.

Alabama, Michigan, Clemson, Washington are undefeated, and are the best four at this point.

Tanner: 1. Alabama. Easy enough. 2. Michigan. 3 top-15 wins, and no clunkers vs Troy or NC State at home. 3. Clemson. They're good enough. 4. Washington. Get that SEC bias outta here.

It appears the Big Ten will play games on Friday nights next season. Let them know why that's a bad idea.

Garrett: Has the Big Ten convinced anyone out there that this isn't just a greedy, money grabbing move? It's pathetic. I don't see how the added exposure for the schools that will primarily play on Friday will pay off in recruiting or whatever lame justification they came up with.

Anthony: Because it came from Jim Delaney's brain.

Kyle: Friday night (or any other night other than Saturday) games are for teams and conferences who lack publicity and need something else to garner attention. The Big Ten does not fit this need, even with the teams in the bottom half of the league. It feels extremely gimmicky without many real benefits.

KB: Good point, Kyle.

Imagine the fury Michigan fans would unleash upon the Big Ten conference if the schedule ever came out with a Friday night game in Michigan Stadium. People arrange their lives around having Saturday afternoons/evenings free to be able to pay MONEY to see their schools play football. Michigan playing on a Thursday night to open the season last year was bizarre, but it was partially due to the crammed schedule the rest of the weekend and Harbaugh’s debut. A regular rotation of Friday night games for one conference is basically blasphemy.

Over the years I’ve missed a few weddings, parties, trips, gatherings of relatives, and so forth because I’m always going to choose going to a Michigan football game first.

Does college football have a TV ratings crisis like the NFL? Absolutely not. Is the Big Ten conference missing out on one cent of television ad revenue with their current contract? No way. It punishes the smaller schools and is going to have an effect on fan attendance. In other words, the complete opposite of what Jim Delaney thinks.

Tanner: I like my Friday nights free to do things, and I know every other college age kid agrees. At least it will be mostly Rutgers, Purdue, and Illinois.

Durkin's squad comes in an improved team over last year, yet Michigan has evolved since he left. Does he still have any advantages?

Garrett: I think the big advantage here is that he knows Harbaugh's trick of going for two when he's up four scores. So Durkin should see that coming.

Anthony: Not really. I don't see this one being remotely close.

Kyle: He does not. Durkin has a great understanding of Michigan's personnel and probably a decent understanding of some schemes, but it's not nearly enough to counteract the talent imbalance he will be facing.

KB: I saw an interesting query on Twitter this morning: Can anyone think of another time Harbaugh has coached against one of his former assistants? This may be a first. Durkin doesn’t have the offense to match up with Michigan’s terror defense, but may be able to recognize some of the formations to at least score once or twice.

Tanner: Meh. I mean I guess he knows what Michigan is doing? Even then, UM's offense is pretty crazy when it comes to being unpredictable.

Brew Q: What're you drinking to begin November?

Garrett: I can't find anything out of Maryland, so I'll probably go back a local IPA.

Anthony: Whatever Nashville has to offer. (Boss is on a mini-vaca this weekend)

KB: Is it too early to start drinking Christmas ales? Wait, yes, it is. I’ll go find some Oatsmobile and Best Brown instead.

Tanner: I feel like I should be drinking seasonal drinks, but I like to keep it cheap. Give me some Busch Light and Bacardi Oakheart, and ya boy is set.