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Quick Analysis: What Donovan Peoples-Jones Brings To Michigan

Student Sports

Strengths: Speed and more speed, acceleration, jumping ability, footwork.

Weaknesses: Can get more comfortable catching the ball, can get a little more physical.

Ahh, the Chosen One. Wait, is that name taken?

Make no mistake, Donovan Peoples-Jones is blessed with an incredibly rare set of gifts. Fast forward five years, and he will be able to stand out even amongst NFL players for his speed and relative amount of size for a burner. In the meantime, there are some areas where he can polish up his game - but that’s just an opportunity for wide receivers coach Jedd Fisch to work his magic.

I think DPJ will see the field a lot his freshman year, and he’ll be an automatic deep threat for Speight or whoever Michigan puts in at quarterback. I don’t know that he’ll be a fully developed route-runner who’s asked to get all the 7-yard gains, and shake off press-man coverage to do so, and do a lot of lead blocking on run plays. So, his role might not be as huge as his hype right off the bat. Still, he’ll gain some seasoning and score a lot of touchdowns while he’s doing it.