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2016 Orange Bowl More Expensive Than 1 Playoff Semifinal Game

NCAA Football: Michigan at Ohio State Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

This year’s Orange Bowl is set to be one of the best in a long time, so it’s no surprise that the ticket prices are off the scales.

But the 2016 rendition featuring Michigan and Florida State is more expensive on average, according to, than the Fiesta Bowl, which so happens to be one of the two College Football Playoff Semifinal matchups.

So you can either pay $84 to see Ohio State/Clemson, or you can pay $105 to see Michigan/Florida State.

The ticket website has been tracking average ticket prices for the Orange Bowl since 2011, and 2016’s is by far the most expensive.

Michigan/Florida State is also more expensive than last year’s playoff matchup between Clemson and Oklahoma ($199). You read that correctly.

The average ticket is selling for $289, so you more than likely have to pay a pretty penny to see the Wolverines play in Miami.

The get-in price for this game is $95, so much less than the average. The get-in price for last year’s semifinal game — a whopping $32. And get this; the get-in price for the 2013-14 and 2014-15 Orange Bowls was a combined $8. It was $5 for the OSU/Clemson matchup and $3 for the Georgia Tech/Mississippi State game.

This is all a little shocking, especially the get-in price for that OSU/Clemson game during the 13-14 season. That was a damn good football game.

The cheapest ticket for a remaining bowl game is the Independence Bowl, which is a matchup between North Carolina State and Vanderbilt. The cheapest ticket is currently at $3.

Meanwhile, the Cotton Bowl, which has the Big 10 runner-up Wisconsin Badgers and the undefeated Mid-American Conference Champion Western Michigan Broncos have tickets remaining for $5.

If I lived in the Dallas area, I would buy a bunch of those and have a field day at AT&T Stadium.

Would you pay nearly $300 to see the Wolverines play the Seminoles? If not, what’s the maximum price you would pay for one ticket?