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Quick Analysis: What Cesar Ruiz Brings To Michigan

Student Sports

Strengths: Strength, footwork, tenacity, good technique for his age, active hands.

Weaknesses: Positional flexibility, I guess?

Usually, offensive line is a tough group to predict down the road. It requires heavy doses of strength and smarts; and often, a player needs to invest years with strength and conditioning, as well as practice to improve their teamwork skills and mindfulness of game-like situations, to truly be ready for high-pressure moments when games feel like marathons.

Luckily, Ruiz is a much more straight-forward prospect to project. He’s incredibly strong for someone his age, and his relative polish makes it easy to see him succeeding at the next level. Some players just look born to play their position; Ruiz is one of those.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Ruiz was able to play some center next year, but assuming Mason Cole is indeed returning he should be able to redshirt. He shows a lot of grittiness that I think will endear him to Michigan fans. And if he’s able to take over the center position capably from the likes of David Molk, Graham Glasgow and Mason Cole, they’ll love him even more.