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Quick Analysis: What Jordan Anthony Brings To Michigan

Student Sports

Strengths: Great strength, explosiveness, patience, cover ability, speed, and a punishing presence.

Weaknesses: N/A

Ahh, whutzat? What? Oh, four-year starter, you say? Oh, well I didn’t say it.


Fell in love with this player. He’s phenomenal, and having him on this team is a godsend. Is he superhuman? Is he Baron Browning? No. But he’s a damn good, physical, college-ready, get-the-damn-job-done linebacker.

He has patience and timing when watching a play develop, explosiveness to quickly affect it, and speed to keep up with smaller, quicker guys from sideline to sideline. He’s physical, turning that quick twitch ability that he has into punishing blows that will cause fumbles and limit quarterback runs. He’s a truck with a V8 engine, and watching him in the Maize and Blue is going to be sooo much fun.

Player that he could turn into: To be honest, we haven’t had a player like Jordan Anthony in a while. My first comparison point, while a little unfair to Jordan, is Ohio State’s Raekwon McMillan. McMillan is also explosive and physical, albeit a little faster and bigger than Jordan is likely to be. But they have a very similar skill-set.

If I had to pick a Michigan player, I’d probably say Frank Clark, actually: compact, powerful, explosive - good lateral movement, but always ready to lay a hit. But Jordan is much smoother in coverage and comes in at a position of need for the Wolverines.

Between Jordan Anthony, Devin Bush, and Mike McCray likely coming back, linebacker is turning into a really good position for this team. I, for one, am pumped.