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Friday Michigan Recruiting Roundup: Eno Benjamin Calls U-M Visit a "Dream"

Michigan hires a defensive analyst that will pay dividends in recruiting, gain steam for a 5-star OL, and a 4-star RB calls his UM visit a dream.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

4* RB Eno Benjamin Calls Michigan Visit a Dream

On Thursday, MnB caught up with 4-star RB Eno Benjamin (TX). Benjamin called his upcoming Michigan visit something he's dreamed of. He also noted that he has grown up a fan of the wolverines, and watches the games with his RB coach. Michigan has gained a lot of steam, and some see them as the leader for the 4-star RB. I wouldn't throw out the idea that he could commit on his visit March 8th, if he truly is blown away like he wants to be. Read the full interview with Benjamin here.

Michigan Hires Devin Bush, Sr.

Michigan hired Flanagan HS (Hollywood, FL) head football coach, Devin Bush Sr., as a defensive analyst on Thursday. Bush is the father of current Michigan freshman, Devin Bush, Jr., whom he coached at Flanagan. Bush also coached current wolverines Devin Gil, and Josh Metellus. Both of which come from the same class as Bush from Flanagan. On top of producing ridiculous talent, and winning the 8A Florida state title, Bush was a super bowl champion safety in the NFL. Bush brings a great coach to the program, who could possibly see a bigger role in later years, much like Chris Partridge has seen. Bush brings a certain recruiting advantage, and giving Michigan a great shot at making Flanagan a Michigan pipeline, and schools across Florida who know and respect Bush for his coaching accomplishments in Florida's highest division. Bush's hiring should play a huge role in Michigan's recruitment of one of the top five CB's in the 2017 class, Stanford Samuels, from Flanagan.

Michigan Gaining Steam on 5* OL Isaiah Wilson

At one point, 5* OL Isaiah Wilson (Brooklyn, NY), had Michigan as his leader. Following the Ohio State loss, things seemed to change. Currently, he's on the "I don't have a list, or plan on making one," trend. On Thursday, Scout's Sam Webb reported that Michigan sits 'top tier' with Wilson ($). MnB spoke to Wilson earlier in the week, and he spoke highly of his visit, saying it went great, and he 'loves' Ann Arbor. Nothing gave Michigan more fuel to the fire than RBs coach Tyrone Wheatley's cryptic tweet about Brooklyn, Wilson's hometown.

Now, I'm sure Wheatley is as big of a Biggie Smalls fan as I am, but considering his tweet activity, there's a certain certainty that this has everything to do with Wilson's recruitment. The fact he is the primary recruiter of Wilson only gives Michigan fans more ammo.

Michigan Ranked Third on 4* CB's Top Ten

Trajan Bandy (Miami, FL) is a 4-star CB ranked as the 26th overall CB by 247. Bandy has been recruited hard by Michigan, and offers a similar game that Jourdan Lewis has, and at 5-10 180 he has the exact frame of Lewis, too. Bandy released his top ten on Wednesday night that included Michigan at third on his stacked list.