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Tuesday Morning Brews: The Waiting Game

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Hitting the Links Is Full Of Movie References

SI Column About Rashan Gary

Part of me wishes that Gary became a phenom football player by waxing lots of cars and painting fences.

Michigan's QB Competition Starts From Scratch, Again

Zach Gentry moving to tight end will be interesting to watch. I wouldn't count out Shane at quarterback, either. Shane had a lot of growing to do with his management and understanding of the game, and he's under the perfect coach to help fix that. (On the flip side, O'Korn has had the same year off to train and improve.)

Regardless, the only real weakness at quarterback is experience, or, if you want to call it this, perhaps leadership. But I don't think that will be a problem with Harbaugh leading the team, and a room full of competitive and capable quarterbacks ready to take over.

Jim Harbaugh's Word Helping With Draft Evaluations

This article talks about Jim Harbaugh's connections coming in handy for Michigan players, but it also has some interesting quotes by Mel Kiper, Jr. about Graham Glasgow and Willie Henry.

B1G Storylines Around Draft Combine

The last time a #1 overall draft selection came from the Big Ten was 2008, with Jake Long. We'll see if it's a Buckeye who ends up breaking that.

Update On Minnesota's AD Search

This has felt like a less daunting situation than the Illinois AD search, something that is confirmed in this article in more detail.

Inside Ohio State's Valentine's Day Workouts

Chris Ash is doing something very similar at Rutgers (and the Twitter reactions for that were entertaining). This article doesn't go into as much depth as I would like, but it still peels back the sheath a little bit more of what makes certain programs successful.

Meet Jim Leonhard, Wisconsin's New DB Coach

Some high praise here for Leonhard, and a potential home run by Paul Chryst.

Meet John Parrella, Nebraska's New DL Coach

A similarly under-the-radar option, but one that the coaches know well and are excited to add.

Roundtable: Best QB Battles In The Big Ten

I'm having a hard time worrying about any of these three, although they are intriguing in their own ways, with good coaching and talented options. The most interesting QB battles, for me, would have to be Rutgers, Maryland, and Penn State. There's a lot riding on the quarterback position for all three teams, with talented but very unproven choices hoping to lead their team to redemption.

Gary Barta Lives

Since we're talking about ADs, Iowa's infamous famous athletic director just received a contract extension. Here's a rendition of Iowa's fanbase over the past year, with Gary Barta's career being represented by the plane. Oddly, in this scenario I suppose James Bond is Kirk Ferentz.

Indiana Lands Four-Star Athlete Lynn Bowden

No matter which position Bowden ends up in, he will be as raw as Leo DiCaprio in the middle of winter. But, he will also be a terrific athlete with a knack for making plays on the ground.

Wilson and [IU RBs coach Deland] McCullough were the difference for the 6-foot-1, 185-pound Bowden.

"The coaches," he said of the early commitment. "They are trustworthy and show they care and the facilities are great and the education system too."

Sneak Peek: Michigan State's 2016 Receivers

I've been railing for a long time to increase the athleticism in the Big Ten. MSU is one of the teams doing it, and that will only give them one more advantage over the middle class and lower class in the conference. Basically, Dantonio has realized that really athletic receivers make it easier to win games and also save some bumps and bruises against weaker competition.

Roundtable: The Highlights Of Chris Ash

Every once in a blue moon, I've been critical of Ash at Rutgers. This was a worthwhile link with some very good arguments against that stance, by the people who have lived through some rough recent seasons in Piscataway.

Fenton, a Wisconsin native, chose Chryst over Harbaugh. He's a three-star commit.

Eric Murray Talks NFL Combine, Changing His Game

Also, here was a good highlight video, with a lot of Murray keeping the game close against TCU. Song: "One Up," Childish Gambino.