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John Harbaugh speaks about SEC complaints of Michigan's trip to Florida: "Kind of funny"

Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh appeared on 'The Michigan Insider' radio show Monday. We take a look at what he said involving the SEC complaints with Michigan's spring break trip to Florida.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh came to his brother's defense Monday. Harbaugh was on 'The Michigan Insider' radio show and was asked about the issues some are having with Michigan's trip to Florida. The SEC, ACC, and even the NCAA president have had reservations about Michigan's spring break practices, albeit their reasoning being quite puzzling. Phrases are being thrown around such as "competitive advantage" and worries about the Michigan players being overworked by having to practice on spring break.. in beautiful Florida.

"I think it's kind of funny, it's interesting to watch." John Harbaugh said. "I wish they would be a little bit careful about just jumping out there and taking a stand, a moral outrage kind of a position on things that really are fun things, that are creative and fun and good for the sport"

Exactly right, John. Fun and creative. Michigan will be leaving the cold of Ann Arbor for the sunny scenes of southwestern Florida for a few days. Although Michigan players will be practicing, they will also be doing a number of fun activities including beaching it up, putt-putt golf, swim meets, and more. Trips like this promote team bonding and new experiences to get the upcoming season chugging along in a highly positive manner. The weather is going to be in the 70's while the team is down there. Sounds fun!

The Ravens coach also took issue with NCAA President Mark Emmert stating his displeasure with Michigan. Emmert said earlier this week that "There’s a difference between not being prohibited and being OK." This implies that the trip is not OK. "I was shocked that the president of the NCAA came out and made a statement that really served the agenda of some teams over other teams," John Harbaugh said. "You're supposed to be in a neutral position. When you start taking a position of moral outrage for things that are really self serving, that's just disappointing."

The SEC, ACC, and President Emmert should all be embarrassed by their actions. They are appearing to be cry-babies quite frankly. SEC commissioner Greg Sankey wanted a rule change to stop Michigan from being able to go, while Emmert, and coaches such as Georgia's Kirby Smart are voicing concern over the players free time being violated. Why are they so concerned? Especially when no Michigan player has said anything negative about the trip.

"I think people need to lighten up a little bit, and enjoy it, it's supposed to be competitive, you're talking about the highest level of college sports and it's all being done with great integrity. I just think it's kind of funny." John Harbaugh said.

The ACC and SEC shouldn't be allowed to keep the warm weather to themselves in March. The game of football is always about competitive advantages, but even so, what Michigan wants to do is transparent and for the right reasons above anything else. The issue is nothing more than a territorial dispute badly disguised as concern for the Michigan players.

Because Michigan is practicing on spring break, students will have a week off from practicing once returning so they can focus on school-work. The trip is a win-win for Michigan and that's all that really matters in the end. John is right, they all need to lighten up. Or here's a thought... challenge Michigan to a game and show them their ways of doing things are better, because enough is enough. The situation is eerily political, and those type of tactics should be reserved for the presidential election. The good news is Michigan will get their way and there's not a damn thing anyone can do about it.