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Thursday Morning Brews: Code Name Eagle

Joel Stave trying not to get sacked by President Obama
Joel Stave trying not to get sacked by President Obama
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Hitting the Links Is Takin' A Day

President Will Transfer To Illinois

Is that a little click-baity? Well, there's a lot of fun to be had with Auburn defensive end Gimel President's name. Anyway, the President could possibly start at defensive end next year. We'll see how many sacks he can get against Iran.

Perry's Path To The NFL: Combine Notes

This was awesome coverage by Eleven Warriors, simply handing the mic to Joshua Perry to talk about preparing for the Combine. Well done.

Pat Fitzgerald Talks Changes, Spring Football

This is some good problem-solving by Fitz. Solomon Vault is the big name here, and to give you an idea of the kind of athlete he is, here's a 98-yard kick return against Duke.

Colin Cowherd Bashes Christian Hackenberg

I don't really disagree with the conclusion, though Cowherd constructs his argument horribly. I mean, really, really badly.

How Can Parrella Succeed At Nebraska?Inside The QB Situation

I really liked both pieces, especially the first by Brian Towle. The QB situation in Lincoln could be a tempest in a tea pot, since Armstrong is talented and developed enough to bet on being the starter. He's grown every year, and while I'd like him to grow some more, there's no reason to think he won't be doing just that.

I'm going to dip extremely briefly into basketball for a second because this was gold. The post-game speech by Joey King will probably make an end-of-year list for Minnesota athletics, and it proves how easy Minnesota is to root for.

There's a well-known old saying, "I disagree with what you say, but will fight to protect your right to say it." And emotion - raw, occasionally abrasive emotion - is a core part of the sports we follow. Bret Bielema might be a tool, Mark Dantonio might be passive-aggressive, and Bill Belichick might be a robot (or, as Shawn Springs once called him, a brain walking around on some legs), but personality and identity is good for the large, collective game. I wish we had some more of this.

I'm getting this rant out of the way now, so I can say 'no comment' when someone inevitably says something dumb.

An Update on Jerry Kill and Minnesota

Kill is a football guy, through and through. Best wishes to him in staying busy in retirement.

This video doesn't really deliver on the truck comparison, but was mildly entertaining regardless.

Big Donation For Rutgers S&C Upgrades

There have been a lot of conversation among Rutgers fans about modernizing their facilities and how they can find donations to quickly compete in the Big Ten. Meanwhile, Ash seems to be building his tenure at RU around recruiting and weight room work, so this will help him find success on both of those fronts.

Also, ESPN has ranked Rutgers as one of the least desirable jobs in the Power 5. The full list, unfortunately, is behind a pay wall.

Can Maryland Fix Its Quarterback Problems?

One final spring preview today - this time of Maryland's most nightmarish position.

Saquon Barkley Highlights

A really well-edited video of a guy I haven't covered quite enough, so this is late in coming. 1:36, 2:00, 2:29, 3:05 and more. Primary song: "Oh My," Boogie. The second song is a little more violent, so feel free to turn it off at 3:57.