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Tuesday Morning Brews: Combine Fallout

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MSU and OSU had the most attendees, but that's probably good news for Michigan in 2016.

Darron Lee
Darron Lee
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Hitting the Links Is Twitterful

Ohio State Does Well At Combine

Bosa's 40-time left something to be desired, but Darron Lee got some mileage out of showing his speed relative to other linebackers.

The other team that was very well-represented was Michigan State.

Also, Aaron Burbridge ran a 4.6 forty, and also led all wide receivers in the 225-pound bench press.

2016 Spring Preview: Nebraska's DefenseO-Line

A lot of things to prove for Mike Riley and his staff: developing the D-line as well as the O-line, improving Tommy Armstrong into the elite talent he can be, finding some magic hidden in the rest of the offense, and polishing up the youth in the secondary.

Collins did well, but probably not enough to earn "freak" status.

There was not a lot of Iowa-related news in the Combine, unless you count a 4.6 40-time by their kicker. Drew Ott participated; still, he is hoping to be granted a sixth year of eligibility by the NCAA and return next year. In other minor news, Iowa found itself a recruiting coordinator - an internal promotion as expected.

It's been a long time since a Big Ten quarterback has been drafted in the first round (more specifically, 1995), and it might not be happening this year, either. We'll see what happens with Cook.

Howard is 230 pounds of muscle; he looks the part of an NFL stand-out. His team-mate at Indiana, Jason Spriggs, unsurprisingly performed very well, which validates some of Kevin Wilson's OL recruiting - going for big, mobile athletic types and then developing them into polished and physical linemen down the road.

Meanwhile, a lot of teams are lining up to talk to Rutgers' Leonte Carroo.

Penn State also did pretty well.

For those who have watched Graham Glasgow up close, this news will be unsurprising.

I'm not sure if Glasgow will end up starting in the League, but he certainly has the right mentality, and that means a lot when trying to build for success. The guy never quits.

Meanwhile, Willie Henry fared a little better with the measurables, but has been called a raw talent, as well.