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Tuesday Morning Brews: Truce

Checking in on Michigan's spring practices, and Lovie Smith dots the i on his coaching staff. Also, honoring a Buckeye.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Hitting the Links Is Friendly With Buckeyes

Michigan Football Week 3 Spring Practice Report

Michigan is in a strangely similar boat to MSU, whose coaches have also been saying a quarterback battle may go on into the fall. Neither staff has seemed a fraction as worried about how quickly a 1A option emerges.

Michigan's Staff Assisting At Baylor Camp

Glad to see Harbaugh's making friends in the South.

Michigan's Offensive Line Finally Gaining Momentum

Before the bowl game with Florida, I talked about the prep work by the offensive line and how it could be the difference in the game. But I didn't expect that level of dominance to come out of the month of practice. One thing that it taught me - give Tim Drevno enough time, and he can do some amazing things.

Dymonte Thomas Taking Charge Of Michigan's Secondary

I never knew Dymonte Thomas was the son of a Marine. Oorah, as they say.

Michigan's Aggressive Blueprint For The Secondary

This secondary could be one of the nation's best. Athletic as sin and teamwork like saints.

Illinois' New Running Backs Coach: Thad Ward

We'll see if some of the lower-end hires or retentions on Illinois' staff turn out to be value picks. What's safe to say is this staff will be good at recruiting and well-prepared from the top down.

Ranking The Ten Best Playmakers In The Conference

No risks taken here, but that's fine. You'd have to figure Michigan's QB and someone on Ohio State's roster other than J.T. Barrett will finish the year on this list, as well as a few more surprises.

Maryland Football Spring Practice: Episode 1

A great, great video released by Maryland football.

A Case For Zeke Elliott As The Best Player In The Draft

No argument here from me. He looked fantastic in his draft workouts.

Jim Harbaugh Posts Condolence Note Over The Death Of Jim Herbstreit

James H. Herbstreit was a captain for Ohio State in 1960, a title his son would also claim in 1992. They're one of three father-son duos to accomplish that feat in Columbus; the other two were James and Jeff Davidson and Pepper and Dionte Johnson. Prayers and well-wishes to the Herbstreit family.

Checking In On Penn State's O-Line

Veterans are a little harder to upend in these situations than it might seem, but the key here is having more options. Options give you competition, which makes everyone better.

Four Pressing Questions For MSU Football

Plus side for Sparty fans: Michigan State's offensive line will probably not sustain the same number of injuries two years in a row. Downside: they lose their three best linemen in Jack Allen, Donavon Clark, and Jack Conklin. While trying to figure out which will matter more, I'm going to not bet against Mark Staten.

Coombs' Relationship With Colerain

This was a great look at Ohio State's defensive backs coach (who is famous for this one small moment from a Buckeyes practice) and his personal connections to a small part of Ohio.

Ezekiel Elliott Highlights

I got bored about halfway through this, but the aesthetics were very well done. Call it an awesome one-tone video. If you like your highlights to have a little more announcer play-by-play, go with this one instead.