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Michigan Football's 2016 Spring Game Live Thread

It's a spring scrimmage! At night! Without punting drills! And Happy Birthday to Bo Schembechler and Bob Ufer. This mighty Michigan of ours is in fine hands.

Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Jim Harbaugh is making an effort to create a worthwhile spring football scrimmage for all. Tonight in Michigan Stadium the Wolverines will take the field for a prime time event that is sure to be filled with surprise appearances, Harbaugh nuttiness, quarterbacks up the wazoo, and more.

It's a far cry from the days of being in the Kids Go Blue Club and getting to go on the field before the scrimmage to try to get as many autographs as possible before being shuffled up to the stands. I still have my miniature Rose Bowl football with slowly-fading black sharpie signatures covering the front.

Follow along with the events on the field and on TV with us in the comment thread below, and check with our respective staff twitter feeds for sights and sounds.

The Maize 'n Brew viewing guide can be found here.

An exhaustive list of all the recruits in attendance for tonight's event can be found here.

Anthony and Nick discuss what we're hoping to see out of the team this evening.

Today is also the birthday of two of the modern giants of the Michigan football program, Bo Schembechler and Bob Ufer. Ufer would be 96 cotton-pickin' years young, and Schembechler would've turned 85, and probably still be barking at Harbaugh for something.