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Tuesday Morning Brews: Fallout Continues

In the aftermath of the decision to ban satellite camps Friday, it's looking increasingly like a firestorm for the NCAA... and a win for Harbaugh.

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Hitting the Links Isn't Sure What To Talk About

Players' Reaction To Satellite Camp Ban

Anthony has already delved into players that Michigan fans will know, but this looks around the country. Even five-star Texas A&M commit Tate Martell has spoken out against the NCAA decision.

Ohio State News & Notes: Meyer Calls Texting Change 'Ignorant'

The NCAA is getting impressively unpopular. This page also tackles a number of other Ohio State-related subjects, including, in more somber news, the death of Ohio State great and all-around good guy Will Smith, as well as some spring practice updates and Meyer's reaction to the satellite camp ban. While we're on the subject of satellite camps (that's a joke right there), let me include Cardale Jones' great Twitter rant on the subject as well.

Alabama Recruits Disappointed That Michigan Won't Be Visiting

Satellite camps originally started as a quirky Harbaughism, but they have grown into a national conversation point about student-athletes and their freedom, thanks to the NCAA's tone-deaf and draconian reaction while banning it.

Anyway, here's an open letter by Stewart Mandel pleading for a reversal and here's a petition started by Donovan Peoples-Jones' mother that already has 9,000 signatures. Here's Hugh Freeze saying he just didn't want to do any satellite camps, so he's glad they're banned. Here is Mike Leach talking about 'petty jealousies' to punish Jim Harbaugh. Here's the zero-calorie non-answer the Sun Belt commissioner came up with as this slow-motion explosion kept getting bigger. Here's the Sound Mind Sound Body founder talking about how the NCAA punishes kids looking for an opportunity. Here's Chris Dodd saying that the uproar "smacks of hypocrisy."

SEC Commissioner Calls Satellite Camps 'Fundraising Endeavors'

Moving on, now, to a conversation about satellite camps (by the way, Summer Swarm or not, Jim Harbaugh will control your off-season sports conversations, and they will be entertaining), Greg Sankey has doubled down with some really stupid commentary - like this: "there would have been pressure on young people to attend those events." Ahh, I see.

Mark Dantonio: "I Guess Abuse Brings Control"

Nothing quippy here. There are very few moments where I've really hated Mark Dantonio, but this was one of them.

Jim Harbaugh vs. The SEC

This included a really interesting quote from a high school coach in Florida: "The SEC's been living off of these great athletes for so long, and everybody wants a piece of them now. There's so many of them in Florida. ... And now it seems like every kid is looking for a Michigan offer. It's crazy."

A Few Lessons For Big Ten Coaches Going Forward

Dig in and unify. Probably not going to happen, but a very good point by Adam Rittenberg.

Dari was really entertaining here, Mel less so. But they both agree fundamentally.

Donnie Corley, A Not-So-Secret Weapon

All right, all right. No more satellite camp news; back to old-fashioned grinding and getting better. And yes, Corley is a phenom prospect who will make a dent right away.

Penn State's Ten Biggest Questions Ahead Of Spring Game

Reports out of practice are that offensive tackle could be a problem. More on this late-breaking news to come Thursday, I promise. (The satellite camps have me snarky today.)

Top Ten Players: Maryland | Indiana

I really love that Dan Feeney tops Indiana's list. The linemen don't get enough love, as they say, and Feeney is one of the best.

Make Illinois Interesting Again

Ian Boyd always has good pieces, and here's his look at Lovie's history, Illinois' recruiting, and Garrick McGee's offense.

Minnesota's spring game was this weekend, and Tony Dungy gave a very good speech to the team beforehand.

Projecting Michigan's Post-Spring Depth Chart

No major disagreements from me. My guess is that Rashan does indeed start from Day 1, which will force Taco onto the bench and Chase Winovich into more of a situational role.

Chase Lasater Warms Up To Northern Exposure

Lasater was measured at a 101.85 Nike Sparq rating, which came in at the 99th percentile among people in his class. He also has a great skill-set for fullback - mobile, keeps his balance, and is able to truck multiple guys if they aren't ready for him.

Spring Game Junior Day Tweet-Cap

This hadn't gotten a lot of media coverage, but Harbaugh bringing out the recruiting class to applause from the spring game crowd was a brilliant touch; Garrett has more Twitter reactions from the spring game. Please don't notice that I am really, really late in including this link.

Film Study: The Aggressive Approach of Don Brown

This article tries very hard to be pessimistic that Brown will do well. Otherwise well done.

Rich Eisen Loses Bet, Wears Ohio State Jersey

You're dead to me, Eisen.

No Additional Bowls For At Least Three Years

Bad news for Kansas.