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Thursday Morning Brews: Working, Celebrating

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Hitting the Links Has No Comment

Warde Manuel Calls Camp Ban "Crazy" And "Short-Sighted"

I'm glad that Warde Manuel is using his voice on this issue. This was something he needed to do.

Mark Dantonio Backs Off Abuse Comments

Dantonio apparently meant 'abuse' in a vague and ethereal way. C'mon, Mike.

Paul Finebaum Criticizes Harbaugh: "Most Annoying" College Coach

Kettle, perhaps?

A random off-season hype video for you. For some reason I enjoyed this immensely; maybe I'm getting the off-season itch.

Summer Arrivals With The Best Chance At Early Playing Time

Alright, I'll be the jerk who spoils it: one of them is Rashan Gary.

Seven Ways Harbaugh Is Shaking Up College Football

Harbaugh looks pretty tired in that photo, actually. Hard-workin' dude.

What Will Make 2016 A Success For Michigan?

If I had to boil down the season into two words, they would be 'consistency' and 'rivals.' Get it done against the rivals, and be great every week.

Top Ten Players: Michigan | Michigan State

I like this list a lot, because it's not afraid to put defenders, linemen, and tight ends up near the top. The same goes for MSU.

Top-Ten Defensive Tackle Is Big On Michigan

For the moment, Rogers' Crystal Balls point to Southern Cal. Also, to point out the obvious, he's a really good one. Athletic enough to challenge the footwork of interior offensive linemen, and strong as a bull for all the dirty work.

Here is an adorable tweet from Harbaugh:

And here's another one, randomly thrown in.

For any non-Michigan fans reading this, just because I'm embedding random tweets by Harbaugh does not imply irrational levels of love for the guy. Let's make that clear.

.... No comment.

Turning Over Stones, And Finding Sean Davis

I was very complimentary of Maryland's secondary last year, and not just because of Will Likely. As it turns out, something in Davis's game attracted Bill Belichick.

Ranking Every Team By Its Coaching Staff

This was entertaining, front to back. If you want to start at #1, here you go. Michigan comes in second.

On Satellite Camps, Durkin Takes The Middle Road | Franklin, Too

Harbaugh has been the catalyst for a lot of stuff that probably wouldn't have gotten done if he weren't around, honestly. Stuff that's been very, very good for the conference and for football. Durkin and Franklin might talk a big game about working hard and grinding, but they don't hold a candle to JH.

Penn State's Nick Scott Transitions To Secondary

Scott stood out to me last year as a running back. I'm sure the physical parts of his new position will be easy for him, and the athleticism will be a huge asset. We'll see how well Tim Banks gets him ready.

B1G Roundtable: Surprise Breakout Player Of The Spring

Farmer's growth could be good news for Nebraska; they've needed to re-establish a physical interior presence after going with lighter, more mobile linemen for a while. Wilton Speight is another of the selections.

Ohio State Freshmen Who Could Impact Right Away

Some of these are a stretch, but Austin Mack is quite good. Here's a highlight video of him for those who are interested.

Not exactly surprising at this point. Best of luck to him.

Al Johnson Joining Wisconsin's Program

His role is unclear so far, but he's a very knowledgeable offensive line coach and has done a lot of work on the offensive side.

Tim Beckman Reaches Settlement | Tuley-Tillman Visits Champaign

No comment.

Ahh. Um, I'm going to go with no comment.

Stewart Mandel's First Mailbag For 2016

Mandel covers a lot of things here, from Alabama's chances to repeat, to satellite camps, to Ohio State's lack of returning starting talent.

I was more entertained by this than I should have been. After years of listening to coach-speak, it's weird watching a smooth young dude fill the role. Best of luck to the young man.