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Hawaiian OT Jacob Isaia Recaps Michigan Visit

MnB caught up with OT Jacob Isaia who visited Michigan on Friday.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Jacob Isaia is a Honolulu native, but after moving to the west coast for football, he is approaching his first season outside of Hawaii as a junior at the nationally known HS Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas, NV). Isaia moved to Las Vegas this year to play for Bishop Gorman, and his name continues to loom large among all FBS schools.

Currently, Isaia has yet to play a game outside of Hawaii, so that may be why Michigan has yet to offer him. But, it could take one game of film this season for them to do so. He visited Friday and had a great time. He spoke to MnB about his visit.

"(It was) an amazing visit," he said. "It really impressed me."

Isaia had a strong connection with Michigan assistant Tony Tuioti, also a Polynesian.

"I really like that Michigan hired a Polynesian coach," he said. "I think other Polynesians will start coming to Michigan too."

Isaia said a lot about the staff at Michigan, as well.

"I loved the coaches. They were straight up with me and told me that they were going to be real with me throughout the whole journey. They said they weren't going to smile, then they just became whole new people. They care about you," he said. "I liked how they seemed interested in me as an athlete, and as a person."

Isaia was also blown away by Michigan's academics.

"They're very prestigious in their academics side, as well as their athletics," he said. "I really like having a student tutor planning to help me get through school work and stuff."

Isaia has visited a lot of places, and Michigan stood out in many ways to him.

"The football tradition is unmatched," he said. "The big house also lived up to its name."

Isaia said he hopes to get his Michigan offer soon. He said that the staff seemed very interested, but probably need to see him play a few games at Bishop Gorman before offering him.

If Michigan does offer him, he said they would be in his top five.

Isaia said he's projected to start at right tackle. His stock should rise after a couple of games.