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Thursday Morning Brews: Déjà Vu

Happy Board of Directors meeting day! (Oh, yeah, and the draft.) Hopefully we get some official word today about satellite camps.

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Hitting the Links Is Linsane

Satellite Camps Get Backing Of Michigan House | Waiting And Hoping

One would assume that Mark Emmert has been feeling the pressure over this, but really, who knows.

Paul Johnson's Suggestion: Replace Camps With Combines

The Pac-12 has floated this idea already, and it's still a bad one. With satellite camps, players get instruction. They get to play the game, work as a team, and use their instincts. For some reason the draft process also puts an irrational amount of emphasis on combine results.

Michigan Emphasizes NFL Draft In Recruiting

Smart and straight-forward, given the amount of NFL experience on staff.

UM-MSU Battle Shaping Up For Deron Irving-Bey

Irving-Bey is the kind of defensive lineman that's seen the field lately for Michigan - he's 6'5", 271 pounds already, but could slide into a SDE role and remain disruptive.

Harbaugh Takes In Athletics-Tigers Game

Just a day in the life.

Talking Michigan's Spring Breakout Player, Wilton Speight

An obvious choice here for ESPN.

Eli Apple vs. Anonymous Scout, Round 2

Last time, it was a scout questioning Apple's sexuality. This time, Apple's cooking ability is called into question. (Somehow, this isn't a joke, although it would have been a pretty good one.) Also, all of this makes me wonder if Apple can fix computers.

Top Ten Big Ten Draft Prospects

Seven of the top eight are Buckeyes; everyone in the top nine played for MSU or OSU. Rough.

Rutgers Tries To Boost Season Ticket Sales With Resale Suggestions

Also rough. Insert a Rutgers joke here. (You know what, I've been a little harsh to Rutgers. Let's lighten it up and go with a Rutgers funk contest. No, not that one - go with a different Rutgers funk contest instead. That's better.)

Torrance Gibson & The Hype: Can He Start Right Away?

I do believe Gibson will start at some point this season; I'm not sure if he'll be consistent enough to dominate. But even on a roster that's brimming with speed, Gibson is very special. He'll play.

Spartans Get Commitment From Great RB Prospect

Bridges is a lot of fun to watch, and should be fun to play against. Mike DiGiornio will be proud.

Nebraska Is 'Bust U'

While we're somewhat on the subject, here's a quick update on Randy Gregory.

Please, Stop Trading Up For 2016 Quarterbacks

This was a great piece by Bill Connelly. The simple fact is quarterbacks are in high demand, but - and I'm no expert here - trading a good pick away for a better pick next year, when there will be better quarterbacks, seems like a decent punt to make.

MSU Spring Game Winners, Losers | Fearless Predictions

I love fearless predictions. Here are four, plus the simple truth that L.J. Scott is going to pulverize the rest of the Big Ten.

B1G Mailbag: Best Position Group, IU's Starting QB

Agreed on both topics.

Zeke Signs With Nike | Potential Landing Spots For Braxton Miller

Can I admit something blasphemous? I'll be rooting for Zeke in the NFL. Also I'm just glad we won't be playing him anymore.

Finally, a very quick update: EMU is most definitely, definitely keeping football.