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Tuesday Morning Brews: Spring Chatter

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Hitting the Links Is Big Smooth

SI's Spring Game Takeaways | Sights & Sounds | Winners, Losers

A lot of national coverage for a jump-starting program. Charles Woodson was impressed.

Jabrill Talks About 'Realistic Expectations,' Who He'd Draft First

Jabrill did some good things at linebacker during the spring game; he showed great lateral speed and effortlessly became a pass defender when he was called upon to do so. On the flip side, he's still learning how and when to engage and disengage blocks, and he could also learn a couple more pass-rushing moves for when he blitzes off the edge. C'mon, defensive end Jabrill.

Or, if videos aren't your thing, here's ten developments from Angelique via a slideshow.

De'Veon May Be The Starter, But He's Not Satisfied

I had forgotten that he has been the team's leading rusher for two straight seasons now. In fact, with a 1,000-yard season in 2016, he could reach 17th on the all-time Michigan records.

Ex-Wolverine Terry Richardson Lands At Marshall

Best of luck to the young man.

For Indiana, A Three-Man Race At Quarterback

Michigan isn't the only team entrenched in a drawn-out battle at the top spot. MSU, Wisconsin, Purdue, Indiana, and the two East Coast teams are also full of question marks at the moment.

A New D-Coordinator, Already: Meet Andy Buh

Maryland's Scott Shafer - who might have easily been Michigan's defensive coordinator - stepped down this week for personal reasons. Hopefully everything is alright health-wise, though no details have been shared.

"I, along with the entire Maryland football family, will continue to support Scott in every way that we can," Durkin said this week.

Northwestern Spring Practice Notes: Sluggish On Offense

An open practice was cancelled this week because of rough weather. Still, it's nice to see those opportunities for students to be closer to their team.

Rutgers Spring Practice Notes: The Janarion Grant Show

There's a lot in here, from the school president attending a practice to the new nutritionist.

Ohio State Trying To Re-Build The Offensive Line

In other news, Buckeyes have noticed Michigan's recent recruiting success in Ohio.

Darien Harris Highlights

This one pulls out some old-school, East Coast rap from Nas and his iconic debut album, Illmatic.

Nebraska vs. Bo Pelini, Round 16

I hear fighting is cathartic. Actually, probably not. They should probably cut it out, actually.

More Disrespekt

Tim and Mike are doing a great job for them. Very memorable.

Hey, that sounds familiar.