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Tuesday Morning Brews: All That 'Crootin

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Yes, Rutgers, you're in the Big Ten! For just today though, we're going to forget that Penn State is.


Hitting the Links Is Not Going To Talk About It

Lessons Learned From Michigan's Spring

I've had a chance to see a number of football players around town, and two stand out in my memory from a size perspective. One was Bryan Mone, and the other was Ty Isaac. Dude is every inch of 6'3".

Michigan's Satellite Camps: 26 And Counting | B1G Camps Summary

I'm getting tired just reading it. Amazing coordination and communication from this staff.

Jim Harbaugh vs. Chris Ash

A Michigan satellite camp being held at Paramus Catholic was not taken kindly. So, Chris Ash is scheduling one on the same day, with Urban Meyer and Matt Rhule, only 30 miles away. Not only that, but this one is $30 per person! Harbaugh's camp, meanwhile, is $40 each. Your first unforeseen consequence of satellite camps, then: free market competition benefiting the high schoolers. Both camps will be on June 8th.

Also, Michigan and OSU will reportedly be in Cleveland on June 8th, as well. OSU will also be holding another camp in Columbus - on June 8th. Busy, busy, busy.

Iowa-Bama Satellite Camp Is A Go

"The Samford Mega Camp." A very cool-sounding camp, in the year 1995.

Ohio State Is Hunting For Two QBs In 2017 Class

A good idea, given that quarterbacks will sometimes flame out, transfer, or decommit. This is an important position in an important cycle for Ohio State to get right.

Best Recruiting Class In Maryland History?

Rankings, of course, cover a very small portion of history, but looking back at Maryland's past seasons, it is possible. The Terps managed three straight 10-win seasons from 2001-03, so the '99 or '00 classes would be very strong candidates. This could also be a fun off-season exercise for Michigan - trying to solidify exactly which was the best recruiting class in school history.

UW Gets Running Back Transfer

Chris James averaged 4.8 yards a carry over his first two years. He'll provide depth and experience, two things Wisconsin could use.

Plenty of Prime-Time Games Scheduled For The Big Ten

North Carolina at Illinois. Indiana hosting Michigan State. Big Blue (that's us) going up against Iowa at Kinnick Stadium in mid-November, one week after Iowa plays Penn State at 7:30 PM. Nebraska's five night games are second-most in program history. Northwestern's really excited. Purdue, however, was not invited to the bonfire.

Roundtable: Current Players, Eventual Greats | Best 5 QB's All Time

L.J. Scott. Raekwon McMillan. Jabrill Peppers. This is an interesting category to talk about, and one that makes me, at least, gravitate towards athletic marvels with untapped potential. Also, in the second link, Tommy Frazier vs. Drew Brees is a fun argument.

Fox Sports Top 25 Rankings: Michigan Comes In Fifth

Yeah, I know. It's mid-May. I know.

Texas High School Will Build $62.8 Million Stadium

It will be made of gold, apparently.

Finally, today we're going to close with a totally random highlight. Since links have been sparse lately, and the off-season is feeling as long as it always does, throwing in a couple electric plays - even if it's not Big Ten-related - could spruce things up a little. Enjoy.