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Michigan Heading to the Land Down Under for a June Satellite Camp

Jim Harbaugh is going international with satellite camps.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes filling in the blanks on a Michigan Football article under Jim Harbaugh has the feel of a game of Mad Libs. It is always interesting around these parts.

The latest in the world of Harbaugh has him taking his Michigan coaching staff down to Australia for a satellite camp on June 3rd, according to a tweet from Prokick Australia.

Australia has been known for cranking out kickers and punters over the years. Michigan's punter this past season, Blake O'Neill, was from the country.

Michigan is sending its whole coaching staff, so it will not just be a special teams-only camp. It is unknown whether or not Harbaugh is attending, but it seems likely that he would.

Reports from Scout and 247 Sports also say that the Wolverines are not done spanning the globe in June and that satellite camps in American Samoa and Hawaii are in the works.