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Thursday Morning Brews: Mr. Unconventional

Alright, I can't keep track of the satellite camps anymore. They seem to be rather popular, in fact.

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Hitting the Links Is Taking Its Time

Michigan Adds Another N.J. Satellite Camp On June 7th

Harbaugh won't be there, but this gives players interested in Michigan another option if they want to attend the June 8th Rutgers camp.

John O'Korn Eager About The Chance To Play

There's a very interesting part a little towards the bottom about how Harbaugh first reached out to O'Korn to recruit him to Michigan.

The Unconventional Path of Benjamin St. Juste

St. Juste is one of Michigan's lowest-rated recruits in 2017, and I am completely and utterly confident in his abilities to succeed at this level. I'd also say the same about Chase Lasater and Carter Dunaway, the two recruits who are ranked lower. That's a good position to be in with your recruiting class.

Checking In On Charles Woodson

Fun fact: in Woodson's very last game of his professional career, the 2016 Pro Bowl, he wore some very, very nice shoes for the occasion. Yes, he actually wore them. Looked damn good, too.

Michigan's Top Five Recruiting Targets

I'm not sure I'd agree with all these choices, but it's still a fun topic.

Michigan Commit Leonard Taylor Keeping His Options Open

Maybe it's me, but it seems like more recruits are approaching recruiting in a sound and even relaxed way. Great to see.

Let's stick with a Michigan vs. Ohio State recruiting theme here for a minute: OSU commit, and Ann Arborite, Antjuan Simmons talked to Eleven Warriors about helping to recruit the state of Michigan. Meanwhile, the Buckeyes are in hot pursuit of Donovan Peoples-Jones, though it's clear DPJ is taking his time.

Recapping Ohio State's Off-Season Recruiting Controversies

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Michigan State Will Camp In Atlanta, Houston, L.A. | Terps Joining The Fun

Meanwhile, Penn State is up to nine satellite camps - two in Georgia and New York, one in North Carolina, Florida and Ohio, plus the SMSB camp in Detroit and another camp in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. (Is it a satellite camp if it's in-state? That last one doesn't seem like it qualifies.)

How Mark Coyle Fits At Minnesota

A new AD! Congratulations, Minny. It seems as if they've got a solid hire on their hands. Coyle will be making double what his predecessor did - a good sign that Minnesota is taking its athletics more seriously.

Let's Talk About Football And Australia

On the heels of Michigan announcing a satellite camp in Australia, SB Nation has an interesting column about the football there.

Fundraising Efforts Going Well For Rutgers

Badly needed, from all indications. Meanwhile, for a cool sum of $1.35 million:

Top Five All-Time RBs | ...DTs | ...DEs | ...LBs | ...WRs

Don't know the Red Grange? Here, check out this very readable Wikipedia page on one of the greatest to ever lace them up.

Big Ten QBs: Crunching The Numbers | Ranking Them #1-14

Two things stood out to me from the first link: C.J. Beathard is underrated, and Perry Hills' 0.4 QBR in the red zone is downright ghastly.

We knew this was coming the day the ban was lifted. Roll out the welcome mat.

Projecting The Biggest Upset For Each Week of the Season

This is reaching a little into the bottom of the barrel, but I enjoyed this link from Bleacher Report. Comes complete with 100% of your daily value of bold predictions.

ACC Discussing A Centralized Hub For Instant Replays

Some version of this will probably be standard eventually. But, how it is handled and who is being given responsibility with this idea will determine its immediate success.

Marcus Mariota Throw | Run | Catch

Some NFL highlights, if you're into that sort of thing.