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5-Star Alabama Commit Says Michigan Is 'Really Close' After Drevno Visit

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MnB caught up with 5-star Alabama commit Alex Leatherwood after his visit from Tim Drevno yesterday.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Leatherwood is a 5-star offensive tackle out of Washington HS (Pensacola, FL). Leatherwood is the 27th overall player in the country, according to 247's composite rankings.

MnB caught up with Alex Leatherwood earlier this year (read here) and he spoke of his interest wth Michigan.

Although, then it was nothing for Michigan's staff or fans to steam about, a recent visit from offensive coordinator Tim Drevno may have Michigan neck-and-neck with Alabama.

"Drevno came to practice yesterday and we met for the first time," he said. "We hit it off really well."

Drevno was vocal to Leatherwood about their need for him, and he took notice to that.

"(Drevno) was telling me how (Michigan) won't have much depth when I come in," he said. "(Drevno) said I can lead them to a national championship."

Leatherwood says he has always been considering Michigan, he had them at number-four before his visit from Drevno. But, he says now that he has cut people from his recruitment, Michigan has jumped up his order.

Leatherwood added in that Michigan is 'really close' to Alabama after Drevno's visit. Leatherwood also said his interest in Michigan has grown larger after the visit from Drevno.